Wednesday, July 13, 2016

California Trip

Girls trip to California to visit Grandma Dottie!

Super crazy early, Olivia and I hopped on a plane with my Mom and Marrissa.  Headed to California.  We were off to visit my Grandma and family down there.  Preston couldn't come because everyone has a dog and his allergies make that impossible.  But he was staying with Brad and Shannon and Avayah were coming over to hang out with him during the day.  I don't know who was more excited.  Liv for some girl time or Preston that he got to hang out with Aunt Shannon.

Ready to go!

Early morning flights are just exhausting.

Layover in Boise.  And rush to the bathroom before everyone pees their pants.

Hanging out in Boise.  Our layover was a couple of hours. 

Second flight.  Olivia was just so exhausted.  She fell asleep on both flights.  Made traveling with her so easy!

Pulling her suitcase like a big girl when we landed.  I die at the cute.

You know what's fun.  Grabbing all of your luggage.  And then trying to get it, yourselves, a car seat, and a stroller on and off the shuttle to get the rental car.

We arrived and spent the day hanging out with family.  And grabbing food at JimBoys.  Because it's so damn good and we had been craving it since last year.

The next morning.  That's cool Liv, I didn't need to sleep. 

While her and my Mom slept Riss and I ran out to find Jamba Juice and coffee.  Somehow it is funny to me that me and Riss were the first ones up.

After everyone was up and ready we headed to the pool.  What else do you do in California when the sun is shining?

Liv was loving the pool.  And pretty much having it all to herself.

Little piano player.

Everyone came over for dinner that night.  That meant Liv had little playmates because she's right in the middle age wise with my cousin's girls.  She was such a little rockstar sharing her toys.

My girl conned Auntie Rissa into reading her every single book she brought before bed.  And there were a lot.

My Mom and Marissa were all sorts of excited to head into Sacramento and do some damage at one of the malls there.  It's incredible.  So many stores I was told.  Mine and Liv's favorite parts?  The carousel.  And the Disney Store.  Hashtag mom life.

Added cool part that we would never have back home where winter is like half the year, there was a courtyard with an actual outdoor park.  Olivia thought this was pretty freaking awesome.  Agreed.

She loved this sink in one of the bathrooms.  It was just her size. 

Pottery Barn.  We both found some things we loved.  And left with nothing.  Sad day.

Back to Grandma's house for dinner with everyone.  And Liv got to play with her cousins again.  She was digging all the play time. 

Cutest tank ever at Old Navy!  We had to have it. 

My Mom wanted to get a mani/pedis.  So we tagged along.  Olivia was super brave and decided to get her first pedi! 

Our newly painted pink toesies!  Olivia got little flowers on her toes too.

Look it's Po!  From Kung Fu Panda.  Liv is really liking the third one. 

After our pedis we headed to dinner with my Grandma.  Girls night! 

My Grandma wanted to run to Toys R Us after dinner and you know that Olivia was all over that.

And back to the house.  Tired and full. 

Another hot day.  Another day in the pool.

Marrissa wanted a photo.  So we had to take approximately a million to get the one she wanted.

My best girl doing her swimming.

She was even brave enough to try swimming on her own. 

Meanwhile, if you give Marrissa you're phone.  You should expect something like this.

Sassy pants!

Marrissa wanted more photos.  Always more photos.  Olivia joined in this time!

One of my very favorite parts about California is the donut shops.  Not even kidding.  I have to get donuts every time we visit.  Donuts and Jimboys.  We'd already crossed that one off a few times.  Now it's time for donuts.  Olivia was excited too.

She always insists on the sprinkle donuts.  And then only eats the sprinkles. 

Getting a mani from Auntie Rissa.  It took forever.  Forever.  Olivia didn't want to sit still.  And Marrissa wanted it to be perfect.  It never got there.  Ha!

Dinner at Aunt Kelli's house.  Olivia really liked her kittens!  My kids and their love of the cats.

We did a little bit of swimming.  But their pool was all sorts of dirty.  My Aunt tried to warn us but we didn't believe her.  It was.  It really was.  I swam for a few minutes.  Olivia lasted a little longer. 

Playing with Emmy.  Emmy is one of Preston's favorite people to see in California.  I think she might have been more than a little disappointed that Preston didn't come.  Everyone and their damn dogs.

Before long it was time to head home.  Exhausted. 

Flight one! 

Vegas layover.  Olivia was so mad that she couldn't play all of the machines!  Poor girl.

I was appalled at the cost of everything.  It was in an airport and they wanted all of my money for some dinner!

Flight two. 

We got home late.  Like two in the morning late.  Olivia was out.  It was nice to get away.  But we missed home.  My poor girl was really missing her brother.  The outspoken one who lets her be her quiet self.  I hadn't even considered how much she might miss him or how they really are the ying to each other's yang with the different personalities. 

It was a nice trip!

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