Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Preston Photoshoot

Every year before birthday invites go out, we have to take the photo for the birthday invites. Because of course.

I realized that I was running out of time to get the invites ordered, printed, and handed out so Preston tossed on his Disneyland Star Wars shirt and I grabbed my camera and we headed outside. 

Liv wanted in on the action too.

Back to Preston.  We take this birthday invite photo very seriously.

I almost used this one!  It was probably my favorite of the day. 

He might have been over it.  But dealt with me.  Mostly because I kept reminding him that we had to have a photo to hand out invites to his birthday party. 

While I do love the photos that we took.  None of them screamed PUT THIS ON YOUR INVITATION DO IT NOW to me.  I know.  It's a big demand.  So we did it again.  The next day.  Preston was thrilled. 

Okay he wasn't. 

But Liv was. 

She's a trooper that one. 

But Preston was eventually willing.  Again because this was part of the party prep. 

So round two.

You guys.  I mean.  Look at all the good ones.  So many.  Maybe it was better to practice first.  Because Preston was in the groove. 

It only got better when he went and grabbed himself a light saber.  How did we not think to grab a light saber before.  I mean it's a Star Wars themed party.  This is why round two is always better.

The winner!

And because what's the point of a light saber if you can't battle a little bit.

It's almost party...invite time!

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