Saturday, June 4, 2016

Olivia's Third Birthday

My girl is turning three! THREE! She was just a baby.

Me and Preston ran out and picked up donuts and cupcakes for the day.  While little Miss did some sleeping.  

Her present was waiting for her! 

Olivia was super excited to wake up to balloons in the room! 

Of course they all had to come upstairs with us! 

And then she found her present!  Safety first.  Of course.

Picking the sprinkle donut.  Because of course. 

And then right after the donut.  We had this conversation.  Olivia: "Can I have a donut?"  Me: "No."  Olivia: "Why because it's not my birthday?"  Well played little girl, well played. 

She tried on the cutest little bubble romper.

We packed up and it was lake time baby! 

I mean Liv was sunscreened up so we were good to go.

Living the life on her Olaf floatie. 

We have just had the best Spring/Summer.  I mean we're at the lake at the beginning of June.  Swimming. Floating.  Water fights.  Fun!

By the time we left everyone was exhausted. But fun was had!

It's my birthday and I'll sleep on the way home from the lake if I want to.  Or something like that.

A quick nap and change of clothes and we were off to Chuck E Cheese.  Olivia's obvious choice for dinner on her birthday. 

Liv spent some time dragging Uncle Nevan around.  Making sure he saw all the good stuff.

Somebody has a sweet tooth.  She was thrilled when Grandma got her some cotton candy.  Especially when I wouldn't let her have a cupcake.

Such a good Daddy, making sure Avayah can get up in the tubes and tunnels.

Preston and Grandpa teaming up to take some bad guys out.

Hey up there! 

Time for presents! 

She got so excited over every present.  Cutest little three year old ever! 

But her favorite part.  Probably the cupcakes.  Olivia loves herself some cupcakes. 

Olivia would have eaten all of the cupcakes given the chance. 

Grandpa and Grandma photos!  All sugared up.  Because that makes them super fun.

My girl loves herself a slide.

And a hot chocolate ride.

My little family!

My very best girl!

Feeding the ticket machine.  See what kind of goodies were going to get!

I really do just love this crazy boy! 

My big three year old! 

Happy THIRD Birthday to this sweet girl who makes all of our days that much better! I can't imagine life without you Olivia! She somehow filled a spaced we didn't even know was empty! I love you baby girl!

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