Friday, June 10, 2016

Marrissa Graduates!

My baby sister. Baby sister. Is graduating. High school. Freaking high school. How is that even possible. I remember the night she was born. Racing from the waiting room to the hospital room to meet her. And now she's graduating high school.

My best guy. 

Let's be real  My kids weren't just going to sit through a graduation.  For fun.  It wasn't going to happen.  So we came prepared.

There she is!

She wouldn't look at me when she walked in.  I even called her name.

Like I said prepared.

I brought screens.  Shannon brought snacks and toys.

There she is!  She did it!!

He was so proud of his Auntie!

Let the hundreds of photos begin.  For real.  Don't say I didn't' warn you. 

Can't say I didn't warn you.  So many photos.   We were just so excited.

How cute is my girl.

I just lover her!

Livs and Vey.  They were such troopers. 

We headed to dinner after.  Mexican food of course.  Is there any other kind of food to eat when you're celebrating.  Funny enough this is the exact same restaurant we went to after my graduation! 

Oldest and youngest!

Preston jumped in.  He never wants to be in photos anymore so it was totally surprising how great he was about them tonight. 

We're so proud of you Marrissa!

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