Thursday, June 16, 2016

Field Day

It's field day!

It's how we know the end of second grade is coming. They're packing in all of the fun activities!

On our way!  Preston's class was supposed to wear red. He's ready!

It was not warm.  Well not as warm as it had been.  It was a surprisinly cooler day.  Not that it stopped the kids from having fun. 

Even when they opened with the fill the bucket challenge.  Goal was to use the sponge to fill your teams bucket as full as possible.  They had a blast. 

Preston's team was a little pumped when the heard their bucket had more water!

Next up was the tire rolling.  A lot harder than they thought it would be. 

Silly boys!

And some spinning.  They race down and spin on the bat and then have to run back.  At eight no big deal.  If I tried to do it I'd probably throw up everywhere!

When they are all sufficiently dizzy, they played a tag like game where you tried to pull everyone else's tutu tail to become the winner.

Sack races!

And three legged races!

And then just races.

Hanging with Blaine.  Who we are going to miss next year when he switches schools.

Our principal came out to play!  Some races and silly photos!

Waiting for the obstacle course and their turn.  These crazies! 

Serious business on the obstacle course.  By this point it was practically a free for all.

The last stop on the obstacle course was a football throw.  I really really need to work with Preston on that one.  Poor guy!  We should probably talk to Grandpa and Uncle Matt since Brad isn't exactly athletic. 

When we got back inside Preston realized he'd never had his spins when we celebrated his birthday with ice cream at school a couple weeks ago.  So he got his turn.

Friends at lunch!

Olivia!  She was there.  Just hanging out and staying close.  So many people.

It was a crazy day.  With field day in the morning.  And then back for lunch.  And then back again.  All the end of the year things.  It's almost summer!

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