Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Few Days At The River

Schools out for the summer! And it's hot. Like really hot. And while the river was still pretty cold we went anyways.

It was pretty gorgeous.   We got there and unloaded and took the boat out. 

I thought it was too cold to swim.  Preston didn't.  I mean of course he didn't.  Preston is always down to do things.  He hopped right in. 

Olivia was more on the same page as me.  She got in.  And then right back out.  It was cold!

Shannon and Avayah were good on the floatie.  Marrissa style. 

We kept having to tell Preston and Mason to stay close. 

Oh look everyone swimming.  Not me.  I'm not crazy. 

Liv was willing to hop back in, on Marrissa's lap.  Not in the water. 

And away they all went. 

Meanwhile on the boat.

Marrissa with both girls. 

These two trouble makers. 

Trying to sneak up and dump their Aunties. 

Marrissa hopped back up on the boat.  So we selfied.

The ride back.  The kids shared the front seat.  Because they both wanted the seat. 

Back to the trailer.  To drop all of our stuff. And then to the pool. 

Love these four crazy kids.

Pool fun.

When we were done swimming and officially hungry, we got dressed and headed for Mexican food.

And back to sleep.  You know what's exhausting?  Four kids.  And a day in the sun and swimming. 

Day two.

These two crazies snuggling on the chair in the morning. 

Shannon, Marrissa, and me made a run for coffee.  And left my Mom with the kids.  I mean she had five of her own.  She can totally handle four. 

Then to the pool!

My Mom brought this huge blow up whale.  It was fun. While it lasted.  And before it popped. 

Little Miss all ready to go on the boat!

This girl loves the boat.  Loves it.  She'd like one of her own too.  You know if you were thinking about buying her something. 

Avayah was loving the boat too.

Preston was begging to swim.  Because he's crazy.  And seriously does not care how cold the water is.  So we stopped the boat to let him hop in.

And then Marrissa hopped in to float.  And tied herself off on the rope that is at the front of the boat so she wouldn't go too far.

Me and my best girl.  Both too sane to just hop in the water.  I needed to warm up first!

And then Liv left me to float with Auntie Rissa.

But Preston came back to warm up.

Before long everyone hopped in and we took another ride in the boat.  This girl slays me.

My stud.

The wind in her hair!

His favorite spot is as co-captain.

Poor girl got tired.  It's a rough life.

We stopped again.  To swim.  And take some selfies.  It's what we do.

Two seconds later Preston was in the water.

Followed by Mason.

It really was pretty gorgeous.  Even if the water was cold.

I'm not lame. I swear.  I just hate being cold.  And someone had to watch the boat.

Finally.  Finally I got hot enough to hop in.  Kind of.  I floated.  And saved a water bottle that one of these crazies dropped and it floated away.

And then began the best part.  Our jumping photos!  Marrissa wanted one.  And it turned into a lot.  A LOT.  Partly Shannon's fault.  She sucked at jumping in.  Ha! 

We tried like a hundred times.  Okay maybe not one hundred. But like ten.  For real.  Marrissa was super picky.  And Shannon. Shannon  She wasn't doing what she was supposed to. 

Then we took a break.  You know what's really cold?  Jumping into the water.  And then climbing back out and doing it over and over on repeat. 

Preston really wanted to do it too.  So me and him jumped a few times. 

Marrissa still wanted the perfect jumping photo so me and her jumped to show Shannon it wasn't that hard.  First jump.  Bam.   Obviously we're professionals. 

Oldest and youngest. 

Just when I thought we were done.  And I was exhausted.  Marrissa's all one more photo.  Only it's never just one more with her.

Group selfie stick shot!

My baby sister.

These two girls on the way back.

I went and sat by Liv and then she fell asleep.  River days are exhausting.

But not that exhausting.  She rallied and when we got back we headed to the pool.

We ate and Shannon took the boys down to the dock to fish.


Cousin snuggle sesh before bed.

Marrissa headed home instead of staying another night.  Because she's lame like that. 

Day three.

We got up and headed out to hike.  We've done this hike before.  Well some of us.  I was almost nine months pregnant with Liv when we did it last.

How cute are these two?

Me and my littles.

The falls.

These four.

Into the little cave they went.

The top of the falls!

Then we hiked down to the bottom.  Not as easy of a hike.  We got a little damaged on the way down.  Mason fell and got a little scratched up. But we all survived.

Liv and Avayah were pretty cute on the walk back to the car.

When we got back to the river, we did a little more swimming in the pool.

Took the boat out one last time. 

Olivia was shooting the monsters.

We did some river swimming.

Me and Liv even got in.  Even though it was still pretty cold.

We convinced my Mom that we should swim in the pool one more time before loading up and heading home. 

And then somehow decided we should all jump into the pool together and take photos.  I even bribed Liv into doing it.  You know what's fun and goes really well? Trying to time a jump into the pool with a bunch of kids.

She did it twice and then was over it. My big brave girl.

Preston and Mason wanted to do it again.  So we did.

And then it was time to head home. 

Words of wisdom on the drive home.

We had a great time!  It was a really fun start to the summer!

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