Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wonderland With Grandma

My Mom's been wanting to take the kids to Wonderland so when the stars aligned that everyone could go we headed to do some mini golfing. 

The kids were loving it.  Little mini golf pros.

Heavy on the Olivia.  Because she was willing to stand still long enough for me to take a photo.  Preston on the other hand hit the ball and raced from spot to spot and hole to hole.  With me yelling out please wait.  Don't go to the next hole yet. 

Grandma and her littles.

More mini golf.  Fastest game of mini golf you ever saw considering how many of us there were. 

When we were done outside we headed inside.  Arcade game fun.  Also known as how quickly can the kids spend all the quarters. 

Ending with everyone's favorite part.  The go-karts!

Thanks for taking us to Wonderland Grandma!  The kids had a blast!

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