Saturday, May 7, 2016


Senior year for Marrissa means prom!

Olivia and I headed over to my parents house to see her all done up.  And take a few photos!  I mean look at how gorgeous she looks!

Riss and Gavin!

Then we followed her down to the park so she could meet up with her group and take even more photos.  Perhaps this is why Brad and Preston weren't interested in coming!  Ha!

Fam bam photos with the pretty lady!

I might have at one point told Marrissa that I was a little bit afraid of what was going to happen when she gets married because she was a little bit of a bridezilla about prom photos.  I can only imagine her wedding and the full blown "THIS IS WHAT I WANT SO FREAKING DO IT!"

I mean come on.  This is not what I looked like at prom.

We were all there and dressed so we had to take a photo of the five of us with our parents!

Me and my baby girl.

Matt and Kaylee.

We found another spot and took more photos.  Imagine that.

Had a little fun with it.

It was bright out, us girls needed our sunnies!

Ummm how cute are my parents.  When all the chaos was done and Riss was on her way to prom, we turned and found them like this. 

After we had to go to dinner.  Because we were all starving. Live was pretty thrilled to get to go to dinner with Grandpa and Grandma.

Have fun at prom Riss! 

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