Friday, May 27, 2016

Preston's Second Grade Field Trips

Field trips!

Preston's class had two this year. A week apart. And I got to go with him on both of them!

My group field trip number one.  Partly for memories.  Partly in case I lose any of them.  Ha!

We were headed to the Museum of Arts and Culture for a tour.  

Their was some excitement about the bus ride!

When we got there the kids got to start with some digging for things.  And a chance to see how hard it is and how much work.

We toured the house next door next.  It was pretty cool to see how things used to be done and how formal houses were. 

Then stopped to learn about some salmon.  Not going to lie.  This part was so boring!

And then what might have been the kids favorite part, the actual museum exhibits!

Our crazy class!

Field trip numero uno of second grade is in the books! 

Trip two.  Not going to lie.  I was exhausted before it even started.  Not enough Starbucks to perk me up.

Then add in that it was cold.  And raining.  And we were on our way to the park.  Pray for me.

The kids were still excited!

My group.  Things were a lot crazier this time.  A big open park.  Three boys.  At one point poor Dustin looked at me when Preston and Dumuari were running wild and suggested that we call Miss Nelson for help.  I was like no we've got this.  In my head I was like you're right Dustin!

Even with the rain and cold the park was beautiful. 

Boys being boys.  Instead of eating, there was hill rolling.

The kids all ended up meeting up by the pond by chance. And then following some baby turtles.  And posing for a photo for me.  Because I begged. 

I'm sure the pond was also because it was by the playground.  And all of the chaperones were feeling the park.

Some of the kids found a moth or a butterfly.  I can't remember which.  It wasn't alive.  But I just love love love these photos of them with Miss Nelson as she shows them and tells them about it.  It really just shows how much the kids just love her and what an amazing teacher she is to all of them.

Thus ended our second and final field trip of second grade.

I'm going to be honest.  I don't have a single clue how the teachers do it.  I ended both of these field trips completely exhausted.  Like ready for bed I hope no one needs me for anything.  After only a couple of hours.  And their teachers do it every single day with a whole class.  Thank God for teachers! 

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