Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Mother's Day calls for hiking. So hiking we went.

We googled. And picked somewhere we haven't been before. It was also a little bit of a drive away.

In and out of service.

Shannon sent this.  Made me feel safe.

That's love.

When we finally got there, we grabbed about a hundred million things.  We planned to fish and hike and hang out.  Plus lunch. 

Some serious fishing.  Except you know not. And Matt offered to help Preston.  Which really looked a little more like Matt stealing his pole.

We took some photos.  Because well it's what we do. 

It was pretty gorgeous.

WHen we realized we were going hiking and that it wasn't going to involve any fishing and we were already packing a cooler, it was time to change our plan.  So me and my Mom ran the fishing poles back.  It took forever.  Not really.  But it took a while to catch back up.

And we were off.

We wanted to get to the waterfall.  Only there was a fence.  And a sign.  No trespassing.  Blah.  Plus barbed wire fence.  Obviously we weren't the first people who felt this way.  Because there was obviously a path.  So umm we hiked down it.

Are you ready?  Because I'm about to show you Olivia's favorite part of the whole hike.  Ask her what her favorite part of the hike is and she'll tell you.  Are you ready?  The dead cow.

And oh my word did it stink.  It was so nasty when you were downwind of it.  I wanted to die.  My sweet daughter wanted to get closer.

We hiked across the creek to get to the other side of the waterfall and closer.

The creek was definitely photo worthy.

We stepped down a little to see a little more of the waterfall.

The lake was pretty gorgeous too. 

Shannon was insane and hiked down to have a seat.  And freak my terrified of heights Dad out.  I wish I'd had video.

We hiked down to see the waterfall from the bottom.  And take a few photos.  Because we are awesome like that.

And wave to Shannon and Nevan who were still up at the top. 

We hiked out.  Then I hiked back in with my Dad.

And again so Mason could see the bottom of the waterfall.

And again to take a few photos of Shannon and Nevan.

The lake was really pretty from the bottom.

Marrissa and Preston hanging out.

Pretty butterfly. 

From the bottom we had to hike back up on the other side.  With the kids.  Fortunately everyone survived.  We were kicking ourselves a little bit for parking in the farther lot instead of the closer one.  It meant we had to hike allllllll the way back.  Passing the lot you're supposed to park in. 

Then we all got split up. My parents and Brad somewhere.  And Jessie, Josh, Shannon, me, and the kids somewhere else.  We were hoping that somewhere else was just somewhere behind them and that they were going to get the cars.  But the whole no service thing kind of made that a problem since we didn't know which turn off to take or if they actually went to get the cars and bring them closer or just meet us there. 

But look how adorable the kids were being while we were lost somewhere in Hog Lake. 

And we made it out alive.  My parents went and got the truck and brought it up to the first lot and Brad ran back in to find us and tell us to come that way.  Teamwork for the win.  Then we hopped in the back of the truck and rode down to the rest of the cars.  The kids thought riding in the back of the truck was pretty awesome.

After making it out alive, we headed to get some fro-yo with my parents. 

And then everyone ended up back at our house for pizza and to hang out.  It was a great Mother's Day!

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