Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial In Coulee City

With the long weekend we decided to meet Brad's sister in Coulee City and visit their Grandpa. We hadn't seen him since Christmas!

But first before driving to see him we took Preston to see Dry Falls.  He's been asking to see it ever since Brad told him about it years ago!  The kid loves waterfalls and loves the story behind it.

A family photo.  Because I kind of love these people.

Then he hopped back in the car and drove to Grandpa's to meet Jen and the girls.

How cute are these cousins! 

We hung out at his house for a little bit but before long the fact that it was lunch time really settled in and everyone was starving so we brought Grandpa with us to Big Wally's to get some lunch.  You guys.  It's a gas station.  But it is freaking good.  Like so good.  I look forward to eating it good. 

Grandpa and Harper!  If I'm remembering right it was their first time meeting.  I think they like each other. 

These two girls.  Gonna be trouble!  Except you know probably not because they really are good girls at their core. 

This one will be the troublemaker.  Her and Preston. 

After we ate we headed out to hike.  Grandpa wanted to rest.  And the kids needed to be up and moving.  And Grandpa's place isn't exactly kid friendly. 

I'd done some googling before we came and the Lake Lenore Caves kept popping up.  So I figured we'd check them out.  Jen and the girls tagged along with us.  The drive was pretty. 

We found parking and headed in.

The view was really gorgeous as we hiked up.

The caves were awesome!

The kids thought so too!  Bunch of crazies!

The whole group of us. 

Preston really loved the caves.  I kept having to tell him not to go too far in.  I was afraid he was going to get trapped or stuck.  Little explorer! 

Miss model Madison was ready for her close up.

Two crazy kids.

We took some photos outside the cave.  It looked even more incredible posing from the outside.

We hiked further down.  And found more caves. 

The whole place was pretty awesome.  There were more caves.  But we only did the first couple.  We didn't come prepared to do more than that. 

These two on the way back out.  Found a ledge and rocked it.

Little sister had to do it too.

We made it back out.  The view from the bottom.

We headed back into Coulee to meet Grandpa for dinner.

I think the kids might overload Grandpa just a tad..  We're a lot of chaos.  Especially for someone who is used to the quiet.

I made him stop outside the restaurant for some photos.

And then we said our good-byes to Grandpa. 

The kids had begged to play on the playground at the school before we left and we wanted to make sure they were all good and tired before we got back in the car.

Jen decided to head back home with us to spend the rest of the long weekend.  The kids were so pumped.

The sky on the way home was just flat out gorgeous.  

Three little monkeys down for the count! 

We had a great day hanging out and seeing Grandpa!