Thursday, April 14, 2016

Swim Lessons

We started swimming lessons!

Preston's done them a few times but this was Olivia's first time. I wasn't sure if she was going to actually do it being as shy as she is. And she was just slightly under the age cutoff, but they made an exception and said since she was so close we could give it a try.

At the first lesson, Preston hopped right in. He loves the water. And swim lessons are the perfect excuse for him to get in it.  My big sweet boy, even had his teacher (Alyssa, I'm pretty sure her name was)move his lesson over to the same side of the pool as Olivia when she got nervous so hat he could try to help make her feel more comfortable. 

Olivia on the other hand wasn't having it.  She was so overwhelmed.  She wanted to swim so bad.  But just couldn't get herself to get in with Sierra, her teacher.  It took the entire lesson.  And one attempt on my end to just hand her to her teacher.  Cue the hysterics.  Finally right at the end of the lesson when I was convinced that it was a waste of money, she did it!  

Day two we showed up early so that Olivia could watch and hopefully get all her nerves out before her actual lesson.  Preston was less than thrilled about this waiting part.  Waiting is not his thing.  But we all survived. 

Preston had a new teacher today too.  The teacher he'll have for the rest of the week.  Gabby.  Oh was I grateful that they swapped teachers on him and not Olivia.  Can you even imagine.  We spend the whole first lesson getting her comfortable and then have to start all over at the next lesson. Luckily Olivia had the same teacher all week.

Again Preston hopped right in.  And his poor teacher he was just a ball of energy.  Who wanted to race and play.  Olivia took a minute and then she was in too!

Day three Olivia was pumped up.  She hopped right in.  And even swam by herself with he noodles.  Funny what a difference three days can make.  Preston wasn't thrilled with me when I told him I wanted him to learn something in swim lessons so now fins and goofing off.  Practice his swimming.  And oh dear God do not play with the snorkel that comes from the box of toys because who knows when they clean those or if they clean those.  Poor guy.  Paying attention did mean that he got to go over to the deep end and jump in.  Which was very exciting!

Day four.  Last day of swim lessons.  They were a little bit sad after having fun all week!

Right into the water.  Daddy even got to come this time to watch!

I'm so proud of these little monkeys!  They rocked their week in swim lessons!

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