Saturday, April 16, 2016

Preston's Art Show

Preston's school sent home a little note that a piece of his art had been selected for the Art Show at the high school. We were blown away! At home arts and crafts are so not Preston's thing. But here he is having his art selected to be displayed!  He wasn't sure what had even been selected.  So we didn't know what to look for.

We browsed around a little bit and finally found it! 

It was awesome!  Seriously we were so impressed.  I mean look at this! 

He was so proud of himself and excited to show off his art!

I might have taken quite a few photos!  He was such a trooper.

On our way out we took a few photos while we sat and hung out.  At his future high school with his future mascot.  Not going to lie it makes me a little bit sad.  Partly because it's really not that far away.  And partly because he's going to go to my high school's rival.  

We are so proud of Preston!  I can't wait to get his art home so that we can display it here! 

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