Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Oregon Coast Day Three

The plan was to get up early and get going. That was the plan. We were headed to Cannon Beach and I wanted to see the tide pools and show the kids. And low tide was early. Well not early. But early to have everyone dressed and ready and all the beach things packed.

We didn't make it. We had to get coffee.  And then got lost trying to find Haystack Rock and the best place to park.  And ended up down the beach from where wanted to be.

Not that the kids cared.

They were excited about the ocean. And sand.  The beach.  Totally my kids.  

Preston took all of two seconds to find his way down to the water.  He loves the water.

Liv on the other hand is totally good to hang out on the beach with the sand.

Preston raced his way down the beach.  We headed towards Haystack Rock.

Liv came too.  Just not as quickly. Her, my Mom, and Marrissa made their way down much slower.  Liv preferred the sand and little puddles of water to the big ol' ocean.

The big rock!  So close and so far away.

My people.  Love them.

Auntie Rissa made Olivia into a sand mermaid!

My two little monsters!

Goodness I just love them!

We of course had to stop and take a few photos. I mean look how pretty it was.

My Mom, Marrissa, and Hailey.

My Mom and her favorite daughters.

All of us. 

It was just such a nice day.

The kids found a fort on the beach and thought it was so awesome.  It really was!

And back to play in the sand and enjoy the sunshine!

And as much as Preston loves the sand too, the water was just calling his name.  It was warm.  But still not that warm.  Crazy kid!

Preston dug a hole.  For himself or his sister? No one really knows!

Warm sand!  Nothing better to roll in.

Oh look, to bury his sister.  Not surprising.

The finished product!  Poor Liv loved it so dang much.

Taking a turn in his hole before we packed up to get going.

Preston has been talking non stop and asking if we can please see a sneak wave after watching a video online.  No matter how many times I tried to convince him it wasn't such a good thing he wanted to see one.  So as we're leaving the beach, the waves come up and all of a sudden a big one comes and fully covers the entire area we were sitting and playing.  Fast.  It was crazy!  I was like there ya go Preston.  Done.

We changed clothes and headed into downtown Cannon Beach to wander and explore.

We grabbed some ice cream!  It was just so nice outside!  I can't say it enough.

When we got back to the condo the kids suited up and took a dip in the pool!  Headed pool for the win in April. 

And off for dinner!

It was busy.  And we had to wait.  And the food was so so.  But the kids were great!

So we popped into the arcade after so Preston could play a game.

Then back the the condo to grab a stroller and a scooter.  Time to walk the promenade.   

And back exhausted and ready for sleep!

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