Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Oregon Coast Day One And Two

My Mom wanted to get out of town and Spring Break was coming so she sugguested taking off for Seaside to spend the week at the beach.  We had never been.  And not going to lie, I was not excited.  I like Lincoln City and was positive that I was not going to like this small town of Seaside as much.  But who am I to turn down a free trip, so away we went!

We drove up Monday. Early.  And arrived at the Worldmark. Unpacked all the stuff.  So many things.  Hit up the grocery store.  Went swimming.  Heated pool for the win.

Olivia even pooped in the potty!  Like a big girl!  Grandma promised her a $1 and apparently that was the magic trick. 

Not too shabby of a sunset for our first night.  Might have to rethink this Seaside thing.

Had a late dinner.  Before finally getting some sleep.  It was such a long day!

We were up Tuesday morning for our first real day in Seaside.  Ready to check things out.  Well eventually.

Starting with the beach.  The kids were ready.  Not a lot they love more than the beach.  Even when it's chilly. 

All dressed and ready to go.  But first coffee.

The beach.  Preston's happy place.  He was off as soon as we hit the sand.  Sweatshirt. Sweatpants.  Rainboots.  And yet still headed right for the water.

It wasn't cold.  But it wasn't warm.  Not that Preston cared either way.

Olivia was much more cautious.  She made her way to the water but not all the way into it.

Thank goodness for Auntie Rissa.  Who runs into the waves with the kids while I stay dry and drink my coffee.

Preston was so brave and kept pushing the boundaries of how far I was willing to let him go and Hailey finally looked at me and was like I'm going to have to go in there after him.  Ha! 

We finally moved the party up to the beach.  And the sand.  Where it was much warmer!

Sand castles and fun!  And giant monsters that destroy the castles.

A few photos before we headed off the beach.


We headed back to the condo showered and changed and headed back out to explore downtown Seaside.  We even found a carousel.  Liv's day was made.

We ended the night with dinner.  Horrible mexican food.  And then a walk on the promenade.  Getting the last of the energy out.  And seeing more of the beach.

It was pretty gorgeous.  Perhaps Seaside isn't as terrible as I thought.

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