Thursday, April 7, 2016

Oregon Coast Day Four

Time to start the day!  Or at least time for me to start the day.  Also with them sleeping like this, where the crap am I supposed to sleep? 

I did find room to snuggle after they woke up.

It was absolutely gorgeous for our last full day in Seaside.  Like shorts and a t-shirt weather in April on the coast.  Sun shining.  Love it! And that our balcony overlooked the beach.  Mom did good.

We had promised that we were going to rent a shared bike thing while we were in Seaside and so today it was.

Liv and Auntie Rissa.

Don't we look so many different kinds of awesome?

We had it for an hour.  And when we checked it out I was like that is so not long enough.  Not even close.  OMG.  This was such a work out.  My legs hurt!  And we only had it an hour.  Preston wanted a turn pedaling. and of course we gave him his turn on a hill. Bad call on our end! Feel the burn.

Oh look they're going to do it all on their own.  Ha!

After our bike ride, Riss wanted to get a tattoo.  A henna tattoo.  So we colored while we waited for her.

Then we spun in chairs.

But she took forever and a day and we got bored.  So we headed back to the condo for lunch.  And then met everyone for ice cream afterwards.

Someone, ahem Olivia, made a huge mess with her ice cream.  Thankfully I made them finish before we headed down to the beach.  Because sand and melted ice cream don't really go together very well.

Preston loved the swings on the beach! 

And down to the beach we went.  I am not even kidding when I say it was a perfect beach day.  Only it's April.  Like the start of April!  And we're on the Oregon Coast.  Not the California coast.  It was eighty degrees.  Pretty much it was just completely blowing my mind.

Preston didn't care how crazy it was he just loved that it was warm enough to actually go in the water! In his swim trunks.  And not freeze.  After playing in the ocean in Santa Monica last year he's been begging to go back to the warm ocean so this fluke was pretty much the best ever for him.  

Liv was a lot more cautious.  But look.  Bikini.  On the beach.  In Oregon.  In April. Have I mentioned that yet? I know but seriously this never happens!

Just hanging in the 80 degree sunshine.

I had to practically drag Preston out of the water. We really do need to live closer to the ocean.  Or just go more.  Because it is so Preston's happy place. 

While Preston loves being all up in the ocean and running from the waves.  Olivia is good with the sand.  Especially when it's warm!

Beach baby.  I mean how cute is she!

Building something.

Preston could only handle so much before he was begging to get back down to the water and the waves.

Marrissa's all hey can you take a picture of us being all cute in the waves.

This was my favorite one of the hundred or so she had me take. 

And then Preston took them out to have some fun!

Meanwhile back on the sand.  This crazy kid.

Soaking up some sunshine and drying off.

Where did Olivia go?!  He likes to bury her and she just loves the damn sand.

She broke free!

Just hanging out.  Getting a tan.  On the beach.  In Oregon.  In freaking April.

My beach buddy.

How cute are they?  Compromised to playing in the sand.  But moving closer to the wet sand.

Me and my babies!

This sneaky kid.

Love these little monsters.

Then things got crazy!  Preston tried to attack with sand.  And I had to take his toys away. 

Don't worry he earned them back.

Cause I love him.

And because what's a day on the beach with sunshine without some photos.

And then back into the water for Preston.  He just couldn't leave the beach without swimming one more time!

And a photo with his sand castle creation and it's moat.  Before he destroyed it.  Because boy. 

We headed back up to the condo to clean up and head to dinner.

Liv was super pumped to push the button for the elevator.

We had dinner at this little whole in the wall.  And it was so freaking good.  My favorite dinner or our whole trip. 

Our first day in town when we walked around we found this shop that also had a mechanical shark you could ride.  Preston didn't want to the first day but knowing that today was our last day he wanted to do it!  My Mom might have been the most excited.  She tried to convince Liv to ride too.  She wouldn't.  But Preston hopped on for his turn.  It was pretty hilarious. 

You get like three tries.  Preston did two and then said he was done.  His neck hurt from the jerking motions.  He did pretty awesome! 

Liv hopped on, just for a photo. 

Grandma bought them a milkshake.  And I made them share because it was practically bedtime.  Mean mom.

But seriously how cute are they sharing!

Liv made me take a picture of her barbies.  For reasons I can't remember now.

Preston had been waiting all week to watch this River Monsters episode that they had been advertising.  He was so stinking excited for it.  We don't have cable so this was even more exciting.  He kept asking what time it was to make sure he didn't miss it.

Luckily we had time to go down to the beach for a little bit for a bonfire.  Marrissa was insisting that we couldn't leave the beach until we had a fire. 

On the way down Liv took a turn on the swings. 

When we got down there Marrissa and Hailey had the fire going.  Apparently they had some help from someone who took pity on them not being able to get it going.  The kids roasted a couple marshmallows.  I almost had a mental breakdown having them both so close to the fire. 

And then I dragged them back up to the condo to shower and get ready for bed.  And so Preston could watch himself some River Monsters. 

They passed out hard!  It was a busy day.

And tomorrow we head home. 

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