Friday, April 1, 2016

Hiking With The Neighbors

Half days this week means we have afternoons free! So when our neighbors invited us to tag along on some hiking trips with them we were on it. I'm all about wearing the kids out.

Look at that view! 

I almost lost my mind on the first hike.  The boys kept racing ahead.  And there is water and rocks and oh my God.  I finally had to tell Preston I needed to be able to see him please.

Little hiker girl.

These boys.  Climbing things  Finding rocks. Making me a giant ball of please don't fall and break something.

Olivia wasn't content to just it back and watch.  We climbed the rocks too.  And then she walked part of the fallen tree too.

Away these two daredevils go.

We survived the first hike. 

We did our second hike somewhere different. You hike down to the water. And there were a lot more kids this go around.  But better containment. Or less rocks. 

Preston of course was in the lead with all the boys.  While Olivia and I were in the back with the smaller kids.

We made it to the water!

It's not enough to get to the water.  Preston had to hike up and around to the side of the waterfall.

Livs and Abby.

My faves littles!

The whole group. 

It really is just gorgeous.

We all got split up on the way back up.  Poor Antoinette was with all the boys.  She thought we were meeting half way up.  We thought we were meeting all the way up.  More time to play.  And hopefully for the kids to get tired.  Muahahaha!

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