Saturday, April 30, 2016

Photos With My iPhone Week 151

This week.


Grandma took everyone to The Jungle Book!  And I was shocked that Olivia loved it.


Sunshine means after our walk we stopped at the park!
Baby first and then Olivia.
Liv took a photo of her babies.
Run it's the dark side!
Pizza!  Brad took our Star Wars kids in with him.
Olivia was so excited when Daddy bought her the BIG bag of Sour Patch Kids.  I'm told the whole way back to the car she said, "Mommy is going to be so surprised!". 


On our way to Morning With Mom at school!
Me and my boy!
My favorites!
Another day another attack from these monsters!
Preston's sweatshirt.  And it fits me. How is he this big.


Hanging with Grandma while I'm in Preston's class.


Auntie Rissa is their fave!

Until next week!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Girls Weekend

You guys.

I'm home. From a just fabulous weekend. Girls weekend. 2016.

Wine tasting in Walla Walla.

It was so much fun. So much fun.

And all sorts of different kinds of relazing and exhausting.

We all met up Saturday morning at Starbucks. Coffee to load up and we were off.

The coffee might have been a little bit of a bad idea when mixed with all the water I was drinking.  Particularly when along a pretty quiet stretch of the drive I had to pee and there wasn't a single place to stop until we got to Touchet.  Don't even ask me how the crap you say that one.  It was heavily debated on the drive. 

We arrived in time to check into the house we rented.  No more hotels after getting in trouble for being too loud last year.  Drop all of our things and we were off our first winery. 

Amavi.  It was just beautiful.  And starting the day at 10:30 with wine is really a good way to do things. 

We all piled into Amber's minivan after.  Good for more than hauling littles!  We might have been one over our numbers.  So Danielle and I double buckled because we are crazies and know that seat belts are important! 

We were off to our second winery.  And they were feeding us.  Did I mention that Aja worked her connections and got us VIP treatment all over the place and we were feeling pretty dang special. 

Which only got more special when during lunch Kelly started fuh-reaking out that she was pretty damn sure that the people who had arrived while we were eating were umm Little Big Town.  She jumped up to go to the bathroom with Amber and having a grand total of no idea what was going on I followed them to find out. 

By the time we got back they were convinced it was them.  And I was a Debbie Downer and told them no way no how could we interrupt them.  They are just people.  It took less than ten minutes and a glass of wine for me to change my mind on that one and tell Kelly that if she wanted to meet them I would go with her.  Which then turned into me offering to do all of the talking.  So she was in.

You guys.  OMG.  It really was them.  And they were so freaking nice.  I walked up and was like excuse me but um are you guys Little Big Town? What!  Not to sound like a crazy person but could we please get a photo with you?  We're just a bunch of friends away from our families for Mom's weekend and can you believe our luck.  Because they were awesome they chatted with us, took a few photos, and told us that they had flown over before their concert in Montana to do some wine tasting.  Imagine the luck for us that we just happened to be at the same winery! 

We were a little excited!

After lunch and our celebrity sighting, we headed to our last winery of the day.  You guys as if the day couldn't get better.  But oh it did.

Our last stop was Basel.  It was by far the prettiest of all of the wineries.  Just flat out gorgeous. 

We chatted inside for a minute and found out that they were hosting a private party that night.  Hosted by the lead character of Arrow.  Like another famous person.  Then the best ever happened.  The manager was all yeah I mean if you ladies wanted to we could probably get you on the guest list. Pause.  I'm told it was like a half second pause but for real it felt like sooooo much longer to me before I jumped in with yes yes we would love that!  Private party say what.  Could the day get any better!

Oh it did.  We were invited by the winemaker to head into their cellars and do some barrel tasting.  Pretty much the coolest thing ever!

Oh and meet Dirk.  Our winemaker.  And tour guide.  He also had an accent.  As if he wasn't hot enough before he started talking.

Oh look who showed up to check things out before his party.  None other than Stephen Amell.

Excited and ready we headed back the house to figure the rest of the day out.  And Danielle and I raided Shawnell's suitcase.  Because we're good friends like that.

Ordered some pizza.  I think.  I mean I know we ate. Something. And then headed back out for the party! 

Again double buckled me and Danielle.  And having way too much fun in our seats.

 As if being invited to this party wasn't exciting enough.  We were told to sneak in through the back office.  And that our wine would be covered.  Feeling fancy.  

We were ready to go after an hour or so.  But I was holding off because I had to get a picture with Mr Amell.  I just had to.  I couldn't leave without it. 

It was so awkward.  But I got it. 

And then we stayed just a little longer to watch him thank his wife. 

And peace we were out of there. 

With a quick stop at Walmart.  Definitely necessary.  We needed snacks.  So many snacks.

This is what the damage looked like by the time we got back.  So many snacks.  

There was some debate over what the plan for the night was.  Staying in and sleeping.  Because oh the exhaustion.  Or heading out and finding a bar. 

Not going to lie.  I was going to stay in and sleep.  So tired.  So so tired.  But then Aja asked me how often I get to go out and have drinks and be without my littles.  Did I really want to waste it sleeping?  And well um yeah heck to the no.  So out we went.

Only it was freezing.  So cold.  We started at one place. But it was packed.  And there was only room outside.  And did I mention it was freezing?  So we went across the street to a dive bar.  For some karaoke. 

We even did some karaoke.  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  There was not enough alcohol.  At least not for me  Could not do it. 

Many many more drinks later, the bar was closing.  And we needed to get home.  And our taxi driver was closed.  Closed.  At 2am.  And we needed to get back.  It was not good.  Shawnell suggested taking a ride with this guy who offered to take us back.  Because that's always a good idea.  NO!  She did say that there were more of us so at least we could outnumber him.  Still no.  Finally find a cab only it's going to be forever and a day before they get there.  And the bar is closing and locking it's doors so that's a problem.  We did not plan well.  And then two cabs pull up.  And we run out and hop in one.  Pretty sure it wasn't actually ours.  But it was now.

We also begged for Jack In The Box.  And it was so good.  Best Jack In The Box ever.  Except they forgot something.  I just can't remember what.  Because alcohol. 

The next morning we had plans.  At another winery.  L'Ecole.  It was an old schoolhouse.  And had some of my favorite bottles of wine! 

This is appropriate.

We headed into downtown Walla Walla to explore next.  Grabbed lunch.  That took a while.  Finding somewhere that could seat all of us without making us wait a day and a half.  Do some browsing.  Rest a little bit on the furniture in the stores.  A late night.  Early morning.  Lots of drinks. 

We got Starbucks and it still wasn't enough. Holy exhaustion.  We headed back to the house and I napped.  For hours.  I was so tired.  It was so nice. 

And then we headed back out for dinner. We'd made reservations at an Italian restaurant in downtown.  The food was okay.  The service was a little more than awful. 

Another trip to Walmart after dinner.  More snacks and goodies and drinks.  We were settling in for the night. 

Monday we had our last winery stop.  Dunham.  It was quick and we were off to grab some lunch. 

There was food.  And a last meal relaxation before making our way home.

A missed turn and rerouting meant we went home a different way.

Passing the Washington State Penitentiary. 

Side perk of our new route home.  The scenery was beautiful.  But we also got to take a pit stop along the way home at Palouse Falls. 

And then we finished the drive home.  It was such a fantastic trip away.  And really made me realize just how fortunate I am to have my friends!

But I totally missed my two little monsters who had some fun with Daddy and Grandma!

Until next year ladies.  Going to be hard to top this one.