Saturday, March 26, 2016

Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt

One of our favorite Easter traditions is our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. In the dark. With a flashlight. What's not to love about that? The kids go crazy for it. It's so much fun!

Liv heads to the playground where the eggs are just all over the place. Perfect for the little kids.  She was excited to race around filling her bucket. 

Preston was on the big kid side.  In the dirt and trees at the other side of the park.  Serious business and more room for hiding eggs.  Brad went with him.  Because apparently Brad is way more bad ass than me.  Or boys like to stick together.  No pictures.  Because that's how those two roll.  But Preston found a lot of eggs too!

Going through their haul with Daddy.

I might have bribed them with candy to get them to smile for me!  But look how cute they look!

My people!

I think we're ready for Easter tomorrow now!

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