Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl

I've mentioned before that Super Bowl is a holiday in my family. It really is. On the family holiday rotation and everything. We take our football seriously. Or my Grandpa, Dad, and Uncles do. I'm just there for the food and drinks and hanging with my people.

Olivia was a little bit overwhelmed when we first walked in.  But Aunt Sheli helped warm her up with some play time in the family room.

I think Auntie Sheli was her favorite for the day.  They not only played princesses but also played pool downstairs. 

Every year the drink fridge downstairs cracks me up.  This is how my Grandpa keeps it. Which would explain why my Dad liked to keep the fridge neat when I was growing up. Or why I'm constantly organizing mine. 

Olivia was loving the pool table and accessories.  Can you tell?

When we sat down for the game I noticed two things. 

Hard core fans.  And total losers with their team socks.

Photobombed by Colten's hair.

All the little girls enjoying the toy closet.

Why Preston and Mason camped out here on the stair I have no idea.  But it's pretty much the only photo I have of them.

Happy Super Bowl friends!

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