Saturday, February 27, 2016

February Hiking

When it's nice in February you go hiking. Especially in the pacific northwest. Nice in February is a big deal around these parts.

Obviously we were excited!

The girls.

My little rock climber.  I think climbing this rock is his favorite part of hiking here.

We stopped at the end and took photos.  Because duh.

I love these people of mine. 

Preston had to take some photos where it looked like he was fighting.  Boy all the way.

Just Daddy and his girl.

My people.

Olivia and Avayah!  Being just the cutest.

These three troublemakers.

The walk back everyone was all sorts of split up.  Ahead and behind.  Brad and Olivia leading the pack. Me and Preston following.  My parents and Marrissa somewhere along the way.  Shannon, Nevan, and Avayah in the back.  The joys of hiking in a big group with all sorts of ages.

Me and my boy.

My two favorites!

Preston's favorite part of the hike is the Indian paintings. 

Preston rode with Grandma and Grandpa so it was just us and Olivia in the car.  She took complete advantage and grabbed Preston's toy cap gun.  The very same one that is quite possibly the most expensive toy ever from Disneyland and our insane flight home. She shot us the whole way home.

Here's hoping we have more days like this before Winter is over!

Photos With My iPhone Week 142

This week.


Mommy/Daughter manicures.


Little truck driver!
Monday night fun.
National margarita could I not.


Cutest little girl I've ever seen!
Best cousins!
Park in February?  Don't mind if we do.
Look Mommy it's Santa!
What are these?  Like for your hair?  My Mom ladies and gentlemen.  And then I died.





This is our future 13 years down the road.  Help us.
Just giving Vey a little push.

Until next week.