Sunday, January 31, 2016

Poker Night

It's family poker night!

Without planning it we all brought alcohol.  Lots of alcohol. 

Some of us lost in poker very quickly.  Like ridiculously fast.  I blame the fact that I was still eating pizza and feeding my kids and couldn't actually focus on the game.  I wasn't the first one out so there's at least that. 

That honor went to Jessie.  I think.  Like I said I was super distracted.  Kids.  Food.  Drinks.  So much.

Kaylee lost too.   

We celebrated our losses by hanging out with the kids and taking photos.

Eventually Olivia and Avayah pulled out the castle and princesses.  Kaylee might have gotten a little too excited about his. 

We lost.  My Dad wasn't all that sympathetic.  I believe his exact words were, "Hashtag don't play poor bitch."  So sweet.

We got tired of just sitting.  So we went for ice cream.  No worries, my Mom doesn't drink.  Which was kind of perfect for us. 

Even though she doesn't drink, my Mom still can't park my Dad's truck.

There might have been some hostility when we came home with no ice cream for anyone else.  Sorry guys.  There has to be some perk for losing. 

Luckily these two still love me.

How cute are they?  Up way past their bedtimes.  Little party animals.

It was a late night.  Shannon and my Dad went back and forth before my Dad finally won.  Game over.  Stupid winners.

She doesn't look all that tired.  I swear she was.  It was so late.

I'm thinking next time we're going to play with pennies.  Chips were a bad idea.  At least for me. Because I lost.  Jerks.

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