Sunday, December 11, 2016

Santa Comes To Visit

My Mom sent Santa a special request and invited him to come hang out with us for the evening. He was very very busy. What with Christmas coming. But said that he would be able to stop by and see all the good little boys and girls.

The boys were so excited when Santa got here.  Well Preston was.  Mason wasn't so sure about the whole thing. 

Being the oldest and knowing how this whole thing works, Preston stepped right up for his turn on Santa's lap.

He asked for an iPad.  Pokemon things.  Blind boxes.  Amongst other things.  Plus a few video games.  Go big or go home.

Then he took his prize bag from Santa.  Like I said he knows the drill.  Santa done good for a quick stop.

Avayah was up next.  We weren't so sure how it was going to go. She wasn't feeling it.  Can you blame her.

But she still got her prize bag because she was brave and she's little.  And Santa loves all.

Olivia's turn.  I wasn't sure how this was going to go.  She's excited about Santa in theory.  But doesn't love strangers.

She was nervous at first.  See how she's grabbing my shirt?

My plan was to toss her on Santa's lap, grab a photo of her screaming, and then rescue her and beg for forgiveness with her prize bag.

Best laid plans.

Baby girl was so brave and actually sat on Santa's lap with no tears.  She even stayed there and told him what she wanted for Christmas!  I was so impressed.

She told Santa she wanted a rainbow yo-yo.  And then added in a rainbow Barbie mermaid.  Lucky for her Santa told her right there on the spot that "we can do that."

Then she got her prize bag.  She was a little bit excited.

Last but not least was Mason.  You'd think he would have been one of the easier ones.  Being the second oldest and all.  He's done this a time or two.  Nope.  Not even close.  He wouldn't do it.  Wanted nothing to do with Santa.  There were tears.  He was hysterical.  It was hilarious.  Because we are bad people we took photos.

It was more the reaction I was expecting to get from Olivia not Mason!  He still got his prize bag.  Because Santa is awesome like that.

Santa had to go.  He's a busy man.  But we were so grateful he decided to stop by.

Then the pizza arrived.  When my Mom asked how much we needed to order we were starving.  Dying.  Withering away.  So we insisted that we needed six large pizzas.  Six.  There was so much leftover pizza it wasn't even funny.

Our Santa party turned into a game night. And we stayed up late.  Having fun with our peeps.

Santa and pizza sure know how to bring a family together!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Princesses And Cupcakes

Izzie had a birthday party.  A full blown girl party.  Olivia was so excited.  We met at a cupcake place.  Where the girls got to decorate cupcakes.  Then Anna came to read and play and do crafts!  What more could you want when you're turning six?  Or when you're three like Olivia.

The cupcakes were pretty freaking fun.  Not even going to lie, I loved it.  Thinking it would be a great idea for a girls night with wine.  For sure.

Olivia didn't want to put the frosting on hers so I did and then she decorated. 

Pretty cute right?  The little girl and the cupcakes!

Birthday girl hugs!

The cupcakes didn't take as long as expected.  The kids made quick work of them.  Because well their kdis.  That's what they do.  So Izzie go to open her presents too!

Before the main event!  Anna!  The kids were waiting for her by the door they were so excited.

She came in and greeted the kids, then they got started on some letters to Santa.  Olivia got to sit by Santa and she kept looking over at her and just giggling.  Like being in Anna's presence was just too much!

Anna gave the girls each a tiara and some magical glitter.  All I could think while Olivia was getting hers done was how long will it take to wash that out.  Ha!

Story time!

Cake!  Omgoodness the cake.  It was so beautiful.  And tasted so good. 

My sweet girl and Anna!

Pictures with Anna!

Picking favorite cupcakes.

It was getting close to time for Anna to leave and head back to Arrendale, so the girls took some photos with her.

Hugs Anna!  Big hugs!  This from the girl who was terrified at Disneyland.  Makes me so excited to go back!

Happy Birthday Izzie!

Olivia had a blast!  Way to throw a birthday party Izzie!