Sunday, December 20, 2015


With all the snow we had to go sledding. Especially after seeing how much Olivia loved being pulled around in the sled last night.

But first Shannon and I had mimosas because it was her birthday!

Sledding time!

Preston loved sledding!  That was no surprise.  He was a little daredevil too.  Hitting the jumps.  Spinning down the hill.  All over it.

Olivia on the other hand not so much.  We tried taking her down the hill twice.  She hated it.  So Brad pulled her around on flat ground and then attempted to build her a much smaller hill.  Got her Daddy wrapped around her finger.

While Brad and Olivia built their own hill, we did some sledding over on the bigger hills.

Doing a little sledding on the sled my Grandma bought us when we were little!

Avayah loved sledding!  Especially in Liv's little sled.

Riding the sled down with Daddy!

Shannon, Nevan,and Avayah!

Liv and Avayah taking a turn on the sled.  I might have tried to do this with all three kids and flipped them.  Oops.  But look how cute the girls looked.

I just wanted to go sledding.  Safely. 

My family!  In a million photos.  Because well I couldn't pick.

The whole lot of us.

Sledding makes me like the snow just a little bit!

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