Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Santa's Lap 2015

We went to see Santa!

Olivia looked so pretty all dressed up. 

And she was so excited while we waited in line.  My pretty girl, ready to tell Santa what was on her list.

Preston hung out by the heater with the iPad.  It was a loooooooong line. 

I think we waited close to an hour.  A long time. 

Olivia was all set to be brave.  Until it was time.  I plopped her on Santa's lap and even the sucker didn't help.  She screamed.

And threw the sucker. 

Which Preston thought was hilarious.

Finally I hopped in for a photo.  To at least try to get one where she wasn't crying.  Kind of.

We celebrated surviving Santa photos with Red Robin.  And milkshakes.

Doesn't Preston look handsome!

Hopefully next year Santa's lap won't be so rough on Olivia!

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