Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving was kind of chaos this year.  For no real reason either.  We got our pumpkins mid October.  Then they just sat.  We were going to bring them to Seattle and carve them there.  When the kids begged to do them the night before we left. It was complete chaos and totally not planned (I mean I was in the middle of straightening my hair when we got started) but we went for it.

Preston obviously wanted a scary pumpkin.  Is there any other kind when you're an eight year old boy? 

Liv wanted something cute.  And made Brad do all of the work!  Okay not all.  But most.  She helped a little once everything was scooped out.  By scooping the inside out with a spoon.

Preston wanted a repeat of last year so bad.  Last year Liv was all over the pumpkin guts.  He kept trying to get her to get all into it again this year and she just wouldn't have it.

It was funny that Preston wanted her to love it so bad because we practically had to force him to clean the guts out of his pumpkin.  Because ewww gross it's slimy!

He did finally convince Olivia to help him scoop his out.  Such a nice little sister.  When she wasn't trying to take the official scooper away from him!

How cute are they!

Working on her pumpkin.  Even though it's clean and carved at this point.

The problem with a big pumpkin is that it has a lot more guts!  Preston learned that the hard way.

Olivia loved the kitty cat that Daddy carved for her!

Cleaning Preston's pumpkin out took forever and a day.  For real.

Finally ready to carve!

The finished product!

Even better with candles!  Kind of.  Olivia might have freaked out a little bit about us putting a candle in her kitty cat. Luckily she got over it pretty quick!

Now we're ready for Halloween!

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