Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lantern Festival

We got lucky this year and our town hosted the Chinese Lantern Festival. Then since the turnout was so awesome they extended it.  Even better since Jen, Madison, and Harper were in town!

So we all made a night of it!

While we waited for a table at Red Robin we went and bought our tickets and sneaked a peek!

There was food.  We ate a lot of it!

We got lucky and it was a randomly warm night for November and the place wasn't all that busy.  Probably because of the drizzle of rain that was happening.  Keeping people out.  But not us!  We'd been waiting!

It was gorgeous!  Just gorgeous.  So beautiful that the kids didn't mind taking photos with all of the different scenes.  Okay mostly all of them.  There were a few that they were not as excited to smile with as others.

Don't believe me?  Look for yourselves!

Olivia loves this exhibit the most.  It was a traditional wedding and they had the party going round and round.  She could have stood and stared the entire night.

  Preston's favorite part!  He'd been waiting to see the dragon since him and Brad walked past it during set up months ago.  It did not disappoint.

There was a little bit of argument about photos with the dragon.  Everyone wanted a photo with Preston and he wasn't having it.  The girls left for a moment.  Holding hands.  HOLDING HANDS.  After the week they had this was a big deal.

Never fear they came back!  And all took a photo with the dragon.

Then we all took a photo with the dragon.  Lots of photos with the dragon.  I meant to take one.  But noticed for the first time that when I set the timer it has a number next to it.  I thought it was how long before the photo took.  Only it's not.  It's how many photos the self timer takes.  We rolled with it.  Enjoy.

We were only about half way through.  So much more to see.  Like dragons and cheetahs

We stopped again so that Harper could nurse and while we were stopped I realized how awesome the dragon looks from the back.  Only the kids had run ahead with Brad.  So me and Jen took advantage!

Brad and the kids found the dinosaurs that you can ride!  Obviously a blast was had.  Preston and Madison rode and Olivia refused.  But she did have fun watching them!

We were in the end stretch at this point.  And had been told that since it was now raining they were closing up early so to just stay on the path and finish seeing everything on our way out.  Boo!

Group photos!

We had to stop and smile at the giant tunnel of arches. 

We left tired and a little wet.  But oh was it worth it.  It was just so beautiful!

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