Wednesday, October 28, 2015

College Trick Or Treat

A college near us does a trick or treat in the dorms every year and last year we went and had a blast so we had to do it again this year!

We went with a family theme for costumes!  Sleeping Beauty!  Complete with Aurora, a knight (because Preston refused to be the prince so a knight was close enough), Maleficent, and the crow!

My little Sleeping Beauty!

Sleeping Beauty and her knight!

The whole fam!

After we got there and took some pics outside we headed in to find out where we would be going and who would be in our group.  Plus take more photos.  Duh.

Avayah came too!  Cutest Minnie Mouse ever!


Best friends!

The littles!

And away we go! 

The best part about trick or treating the dorms is that we get to do it all inside!  So after the initial walk to the dorm, we're in and warm, and while not everyone participates the rooms are way closer together than houses so perfect for the kids.

Preston pretty much took off with the big kids and was ahead of us the entire time.  I kept asking him to slow down but Zack was in the front and things are always way more fun with friends.  He at least stayed on the same floor as us and with the chaperones so I'm calling it a win.  Olivia was totally overwhelmed by the whole thing at first.  Stranger danger and all that.  She'd take the candy but not from them, only from me or Brad.  And she would not speak to them.  Finally she warmed up and after being bribed with candy and was even willing to hold her bucket out and say trick or treat and thank you!

We got so much candy.  So much.  Like Preston was emptying his bucket after every single floor.  And there were a lot of floors! 

We thought we were done after two dorms and got ready to head back to our cars.  But first photos!

But then our chaperones offered us one more dorm and we jumped on that train!

By the time we were done, the adults were tired.  The kids were wired.  Except Avayah.  I think she fell into the adult camp of tired!  We loaded up and headed back to the car.  With a FULL backpack from all of the kids' candy.  It was crazy talk how much they got for two hours of trick or treating!

Me and Kelly!

We had one final stop before the night was over.  True story I almost wrote knight there because hilarious.  But opted not to because I'm not that lame.

Since we are going to be gone on Halloween we had to trick or treat Grandpa and Grandma's house early and show off their costumes!

Trick or Treat!

Because I like photos, I made them smile again!

Auntie Rissa feeling the love.

For Halloween really not being my favorite holiday I do love watching the kids get all sorts of excited about it!

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