Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Tree Hunting 2015

Time for the annual Christmas tree hunt!

It was cold.  Preston was all over it.  Cold or not.  He took off.  Me and Liv needed to adjust.  We don't love the cold as much.


Me and my littles on the ride up the mountain to find our tree!

Preston took a picture with me and then had to stand up.  Sitting is for the lame people.  Standing is what all the cool kids do on the ride up.

Olivia's pick for our tree.  Sorry baby not going to happen.

We lost Brad and Preston.  Somewhere in the millions of trees.  They took off in search of the perfect tree and we were much slower making our way up.  It was okay because Olivia realized how much she likes the snow!

We found our tree!

And Brad cut it down!

Brad and Preston took the tree down the mountain because teamwork!

Me and Olivia stayed up on the mountain and wandered while everyone else found their trees.  Mostly she just wasn't ready to go.

Preston hid and sneak attacked us when we got down the mountain!  Olivia caught on pretty quick!

The ride back down!

The whole group!

Decorating the tree happened in shifts.  There were lights.  Then a handful of decorations.  Then the rest of decorations!  But we got it done!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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