Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

It's Christmas!

Santa came.  And our littles were still tired from the night before.  So everyone slept in and then we lazied upstairs for presents. 

Aren't they cute! 

We started with stockings. 

Oh look Santa got Preston a flute.  Thanks Santa.

Then we moved onto presents from everyone!  It was chaos.  Of the best kind.  Preston opens presents like my brother always did.  As fast as possible.  So you have to force him to slow down so you can see what they are and who they came from. Liv needed a little bit of help, I mean obviously she can't read.  But she was more interested in pausing to see what she got then Preston was. 

Preston's school did the Penguin Patch this year so I gave him some money and he got to pick out gifts for each of us from him.  It was just about the cutest thing every seeing what he decided to get us.  Olivia got a ring.  That she was pretty excited about.  Brad got a #1 Dad measuring tape key chain.  Well picked Preston.  And he got me a plastic rose.  My sweet boy.  He also bought Monti a gift.  I think he might have been most excited about that one. 

And back to more presents!

And then we found a Santa present that we somehow missed when we started.  A family present! 

Preston might have been more than just a little excited when he saw what it was, a WiiU!

We celebrated Christmas dinner at our house with all of the fam. 

My Mom brought more presents to have the kids open so she could see their faces.  She's kind of all about the presents with the kids. 

Then Auntie and Uncle/cousin gifts!

Christmas photos with Grandma and Grandpa...because I asked so nicely.

We ended the day with family and snuggles and just happy exhaustion!  Merry Christmas everyone! 

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