Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Brad's Work Christmas Party

We missed out last year but this year Marrissa agreed to babysit so we were in.

Brad's work Christmas party!

There might have been a lot of martinis. Like a lot. 

Then there were a lot of selfie.  In the bathroom. Because we are girls.  And I really liked the wives of the guys that Brad works with!

After dinner we weren't ready to go home.  Hello babysitter and adults.  So we all decided to go have more drinks.  Actually I didn't need anymore drinks. Lots of martinis.  But adult fun that I was in for. 

But first a group photo!

Finally a photo of me and Brad.  I got home and realized the next morning that I didn't get any of us.  Then found this dark one!  Hurray!

We ended up at a country bar.  Totally a new experience for me.  And you know what?  I cannot line dance.  Like at all.  I have a serious lack of coordination.  And that is kind of important!  But what I can do is selfie!  Ha!

It was so much fun! 

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