Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Leaf Fun

It's Fall! The leaves are falling. It's my favorite time of year!  Well almost.  I love me some summer.  But Fall and it's colors just suck me right in!

We just had to go meet with friends at the park to play and enjoy all the leaves and colors!

Olivia was just a smidge excited!

Livs and Conner!

Doing some drawing in the dirt.

And off we go, into the park to find some leaves!

But first coffee break.  She's such a white girl with her Starbucks cup.  Okay it's mine.  I just think she looks so dang cute when she holds it.

Me and my best girl!

Away she goes!

Everything is always more fun with a friend!

Livs and Conner!  Little buddies!

I love this bridge! I have pictures of Preston on it at the exact same age!  I need to go find them and compare!

Liv is cautious.  Conner is daring!

 Me and my girl!

And they're off!

I just love this girl oh so much!

Olivia thought the leaves were so much fun to throw and play with!

All four of us!  The magic of a timer!

Silly girl!

I love that when I ask her to pose, she's willing!

Selfies with my girl!

Leaf fight!

Because we were there too! 

She found a sparkly leaf!  Not a whole lot better to my girly girl than a sparkly leaf!

They found a hill to run down!

Then back to posing for Mommy!  Seriously though the leaves.  How could I resist pictures of her laying in them so that I could take a million photos of her!

Dazzled by the magic of it all!

Seriously we had so much fun and it was such a fabulous way to celebrate Fall! 

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