Sunday, November 8, 2015

Disney On Ice 2015

Disney On Ice this year was Frozen. So of course we had to go. We were so serious about it that I even bought our tickets back in January on the day they went on sale. We don't mess around with Frozen.

In a perfect show of it was meant to me, when Jen and Madison decided to come visit and try to go there were exactly two seats left in our row right next to us.  So we all got to go together!

Preston dressed up like a knight for the show.

Olivia and Madison dressed up like Anna and Elsa!

My little Anna!  We even put her hair in pigtails.

These three crazies!

It's almost time!  We were all soooooo excited!

Hanging out waiting for the show to start.  We were early.  If you know me that really shows you how excited I was.  I am barely on time for anything ever.  Early never happens.

It's time!  I think I might have spent half the time watching Olivia take it all in.  I just loved it, she was so into the whole show.

Princesses and little Anna and Elsa!

Olivia wasn't the only one loving it, Preston was totally into it too.

More show!

Olivia.  Because really she just loved it. 

Oh Prince Hans.  Yuck.

The wolves were Preston's favorite part!  Can you tell?

Let it gooooooooo!

Intermission!  Bring Frozen back!

It's back!

My people!

So many photos because do you know how hard it is to get four people to smile at the same time? It's hard yo.

Vay and her favorite Auntie!

Loves with Auntie Jessie.

Livi loving on Harper. 

My little Anna!

We loved it!  Maybe one of our favorite Disney On Ice's yet.

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