Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Avayah's First Birthday

Avayah is one!  ONE! 

She had her party at Chuck E Cheese.  Minnie Mouse because little miss is obsessed!

The birthday girl!

Poor Vay was teething and not in a happy girl mood.  On her birthday!  Sad day.

But that didn't stop the girls from riding the rides!

Time for presents!

Avayah loved her new babies and Minnie!

Nevan, Avayah, and Shannon.

Cake time!

Olivia was very excited to help blow out the candle.

First birthday means you get your own cake! 

Vay wasn't all that sure about the cake, so Shannon helped her out a little.

You'd think that the biggest mess was going to be made from Avayah.  Except Shannon and Marrissa had themselves a cake fight.  That was broken up by my Mom.  Nothing like your Mom breaking up your cake fight at your daughter's first birthday party.

Oh look Shannon is wearing more cake than Avayah!

Me and the birthday girl!

Preston was having some fun at the cars.  Him and Grandpa had some races going on.  My favorite part was the photos that they take at the start! 

Vay and her Daddy!

My best girl had a blast celebrating her cousin!

Happy First Birthday Avayah!  We love you!

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