Saturday, November 28, 2015

Photos With My iPhone Week 129

This week.


The mess of the dirt left behind from the storm.


Oh look snow.  After the storm.
Dentist for my big boy!


They both had book fair.  At different schools.  And picked the same book.  Love that!
New space for Monti.  Think he likes it.




Leftovers!  Mmmmmm!


Brad's birthday dinner! 
Brad and Nevan matching crowns!  Ha!

Until next week!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

It's Thanksgiving!

Might be my favorite. It's the food. It gets me ever time.

That and these two littles! Kind of love them.

We made it to the party!  My Mom hosted Thanksgiving.  Which means I don't have to do much except show up and eat the food.

Liv was feeling shy.  Because that's what she does when she's around a lot of people.  So she hung out on Auntie Jessie's lap for a while.  It was safe there.

Preston pretty much disappeared as soon as we got there.  Mason and Trey were there so he had no use for the rest of us.  It really is a good thing that I took some photos of him before we left.  Or it might have looked like he wasn't there.  He was.

This one smiles for fruit snacks!

After dinner there was pie.  My Mom said she'd get Olivia a piece.  I should have known better.  It was like the same size as mine.

Grandma and her girls.

Poor Auntie Rissa. The kids got her.

Vay loves me most.  She always smiles when I take photos with her.

Funny enough it was Brad's birthday.  And I don't have a single photo of him.  Like not one.  I guess now we know where Preston gets his hiding from the camera!   Happy Birthday Brad!  I'm grateful for you!

Hope everyone else had a fantastic Thanksgiving! 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Photos With My iPhone Week 128

This week.

This week we lost power for five days. From Tuesday until Saturday. We were even lucky to have a generator and almost all of those nights somewhere to stay with power. And still it sucked. Makes you really grateful for things that typically get taken for granted. Like heat and lights and wifi!


She made me stay in the car until her songs were over!


Storm damage next door.
Oh look the power went out and the wine came out too!


Showing me what he wants for Christmas!
I told him to look excited.  Lol.

Until next week!  With power! 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

80's Fun

We got invited to an 80's party!  An 80's skate party! 

I did some browsing on Pinterest to figure out what in the actual heck we were supposed to wear.  I was three when the 80's ended.  Not a whole lot of memories going on there. 

True story, I didn't buy a single thing.  We just somehow ended up having all of this stuff.  Even through all of the purges of the last year.  I don't know if I'm proud or ashamed. 

My little 80's girl! 

My 80's boy!  True story, that's my jean jacket.  That I actually wear.  Don't judge me. 

The kids!  All rocking out!

Ready for the 80's!

Maybe the 80's would have been fun!  Ha!

Preston was talking this big skating game.  Skating isn't hard.  He's so great at it.  Then he put his skates on.  A few minutes later he came back to tell me that I was right for telling him it was hard and to take it slow!  Hopefully he remembers those words, "you were right" when he's a teenager. 

I told him to take it slow and do a few laps.  And he was off.  Holding onto the wall but doing it.  He refused a skate trainer because he was determined to do it on his own!

Olivia on the other hand was not excited at all to skate.  She told me she wouldn't do it.  Then screamed and cried when I took her shoes and traded them for skates.  Full blown hysteria.   Good times.


After I got the skates on her she was pumped!  

Olivia wanted the skate trainer.  Thank God because Mama doesn't skate so well and I wasn't sure how I was going to keep us both from falling. 

It took us almost a full lap to find Preston, but there was some serious excitement when we found him!  Olivia was excited to see him and he was excited to see both of us in skates!

Preston spent a lot of time falling the first few laps.  It was rough but he kept getting right back up! 

Me and Preston kept trying to take a break, but this one was still going strong and just wanted to keep skating.

Preston was getting the hang of it, getting faster and falling less!

Just keep skating! 

Skating selfies!

Me and my little skaters!

Me and Beth! 

My favorite 80's kids! 

Someone was getting brave! 

And braver!  She even skated without her trainer.  All by herself.

And did some pretend fake falls.  Because that's what cool kids do. 

Preston really wanted to play air hockey, so I told him that if he could get all the way around the rink without taking any breaks, or grabbing the wall, or falling I would give him a dollar and he could play some air hockey!  He did it!  Close call at the end too when a kid fell right in front of him and almost took him down!  But he saved himself!  And made it!  All the way.  Earned himself some air hockey.

He was so proud!

Olivia was starting to get tired but I talked her into one more time around the rink.  She might have been super tired.  I'm not sure.

The air hockey prize! 

Me and the birthday girl!

Preston and Payton!

We had so much fun celebrating!  Happy Birthday Aden!!  Thanks for inviting us!