Saturday, October 24, 2015

Soccer Fall 2015

Soccer is back and we are so excited!

It's serious business this year. Twice a week practice and games on Saturday!

We're the Silver Jets this year!  

First game!

We played great but it was a little rough.  We lost four to ten.  First game back.  We're getting into the swing! 

Game two.  8am.  Oh it was rough.  Worse so because it was an away game.  Half an hour away.  Plus getting there early.  And Brad having to work.  Just me and the kids.

It was freezing.  Like frost on the ground cold.  Preston wore his coat when he wasn't playing and a hat and gloves the whole time.  

For how cold it was Preston played awesome!  I mean not only was it cold but we played in the shade!  Brrrrr!  The team played great!  Tied up three to three by the end of it.  Everyone left in great spirits!

Game three.

Another early game.  Which we're actually starting to enjoy.  Gets everyone up, dressed, out of the house, and going for the day!

The Silver Jets played a good game!  We lost.  But only by one point.  Three to four.  It was close! 

Game four.

I wish I could tell you more about game four.  But my phone deleted the note that kept track of the score in all of his games!  Sad day!   But I'm sure the boys played a great game. 

Games five and six.  I was a total slacker.  I don't have the score because my phone is so sad and deleted it all.  And I don't have any photos because I was watching the game and didn't even pull my camera out!  Boo!

Game seven. 

Our last game of the season!  It was getting cold!  So I'm a little thankful that the season is ending.  Preston played awesome!  I always feel a little bit sad when the season ends because it always seems like that is when he's really getting into his stride!  No score.  That dang notes app! 

Fun was had on the sidelines too!

Soccer photos!  We got them back during the season.

 Preston looks so cute in his!  My little soccer star!

It was an awesome season and the Silver Jets played so great together!  We're coming for you Spring in a couple months! 

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