Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Finally we headed over to Seattle to meet our newest niece, Harper! 

It was a long drive!

But pretty!

And completely worth it because look snuggles with Baby Harper!

Olivia was very excited to meet Harper too!  Baby!!  My girl loves her some babies!  Especially the ones that are her cousin!

The kids played outside and raced around and made messes all over the place.

While us adults tried to mentally prepare ourselves to go to Ikea.  We eventually made it there. At the end of the day.  Made for a late night.  With all the kids.  But we survived. 

Olivia was super excited to get to hold Harper for the first time all by herself.  Well with a little help from me.

How cute is that?  I mean really.  The kisses!  Killing me. 

Sunday morning, Jen headed off for a massage.  Brad and I handled the kids.  Ahem, I did mostly.  Brad was more just there.  Men.

He did have a moment with the girls.  Because cute! 

Harper got sleepy so I loaded her up into the k'tan.  Best invention ever.  Loved it when Olivia was a baby, love it all over again with Harper!  I brought it over so Jen could use it.

Life with four kids.  For two hours.  We all survived.

Mostly because Harper slept.  And I wore her in the k'tan.  I repacked our suitcases.  Shaved my legs.  Got ready for the day.  Cleaned up some messes.  Babywearing, secret to newborns.

That and the fact that Harper is seriously the best baby in the world.  Really only cries when it's time to eat.  And she sleeps.  Like real sleep.

The kids spent the afternoon playing.  And making messes.  That's what kids do.  Obviously.

We did finally venture out...for cupcakes! 

It was obviously exhausting.

Walked in to check on these two and they were out and all snuggled up.  Preston insisted he couldn't go to sleep by himself so I told him he could lay with Liv and he passed right out.

Last day!

Means we were running out of time to get a photo of all four kids! 

The girls!  Preston bailed.  Photos are so not his thing these days.

We were off to the zoo!

After finding parking we also found a lamborghini.  We had to stop for a photo with it!

The tigers!  After they were closed for the last almost two years that we visited we were super excited to see them this go around!

Of course a stop in the bird room!  It's one of our favorites!  Brad was one of the birds favorites this time around.  It sat on his shoulder almost the entire time we were in there!

Fun with the animals.

Quick run while they're trapped!

Stop for a photo.  Or photos.

We had planned on leaving.  But the kids wanted to do this photo booth.  It was supposed to be one photo.  But then it wasn't fair that there was only one print out so we had to do it twice.  And then Olivia realized she wasn't getting one and had to get another one!

It is a good thing they are cute.  Because that photo booth almost did me in!

With that we said out good-byes and then headed home.

Thanks for letting us create chaos and visit Jen!  We miss you guys already!

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