Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pumpkin Pickin'

We're going to get some pumpkins!

Everyone was excited, especially Olivia and Auntie Rissa!

While we were buying tickets the kids were playing some bean bag!

Preston, Boone, and Remy in line for the giant slide!

He was just going to walk around with her.  But then they came back with this horse!  She was so excited!  "Daddy bought this for me!"

Preston's turn!

We bought each of the kids a bracelet that included everything!  Preston was getting his worth! 

Olivia on the otherhand refused to do anything that was included in her wristband.  No little train, big train, slide, or the little bikes.  She wasn't having any of it.  BUT she did love riding the horse...that we had to pay extra for.  Good thing she looks so cute on the horse!

Smiling with Grandpa and Grandma!

We might have decided to take some photos with the pumpkin patch.  Doesn't everyone do that? 

Me and Riss!

My parents and the kids!

Olivia and Auntie Riss!

While we were taking photos, Preston and Boone were racing on the pedal bikes!  Go boys go!

Me and Nicole!

Time to find some pumpkins! 

I'm not sure what Olivia loved more, the pumpkins or the dirt.  I really regretted the white shirt.  She was having so much fun!

Me and my best girl!

Preston found a pumpkin!  At first he thought he wanted a ghost pumpkin, he even found one!  He ended up changing it out at the end for an orange one!   

My family pumpkin hunting! 

I wasn't kidding about the dirt!  She loved it!

My parents.

Auntie Rissa and her favorite niece and nephew.  Obviously. 

Helping Brad look for more pumpkins!

Me and my Dad!

These five little troublemakers! 

The fam bam!

While we were getting ready to head into the corn maze the boys did some tree climbing.

Time to make our way through the corn maze!

We made it to the castle! 

At the end of the castle is a pirate ship play set!

We've got our pumpkins now we just have to carve them!

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