Friday, October 30, 2015

Preston's Second Grade Halloween Party

Preston's school does a costume parade every year and we head down to his school to watch all of the kids parade through in their costumes and then make our way to his classroom for his class Halloween party!

The costume parade didn't disappoint!

My very brave knight!

Back in his classroom, Olivia and I were in charge of the spider web painting table!  Which Olivia loved!

Preston's teacher told me when it was Preston's turn at the pumpkin guts so that I could watch.  There were little plastic eyeballs in the pumpkins with all the guts and the kids got to use their toes to grab as many as they could in the time they had!  They loved it and hated it all at the same time!

Not only did the kids get to spend the afternoon in class celebrating Halloween but they also got to celebrate a birthday.  Cupcakes! 

Next up trick or treating!  Tomorrow night in Seattle.

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