Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Delta Rae

Girls night!

Bethany wanted to hit up a concert and I like Bethany so I tagged along even though I'd never heard of the band or any of their songs. Whatever.

I even met a member of the band.  Wish I could tell you his name. Oops!  

Finding a drink beforehand was quite the process but we don't give up easily so we did it!

Time for the concert. 

There were drinks.  And there was music.  We even got in trouble for being too loud.  Because it was a serious thing not a let's get out and have some fun kind of thing apparently. 

I might have taken a selfie in the bathroom

More importantly I might have forced Bethany into the back so that she could meet the band!!  Totally worth it.  She might have even cried!

I took some photos with some people. But I'm not exactly sure who they were.  I was just doing what everyone else was doing.  Ha!

Me and Bethany! 

It was a lot of fun! 

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