Friday, September 11, 2015

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw! What?!

Bethany sent me a text asking if I wanted to go and telling me she had tickets and I jumped on that train!

Girls night!

We're ready!  For the concert, a night without kids, drinks, and LOTS of photos!

Started with Chase Bryant.  I had to google him.  Because I didn't know him.  Or recognize any of his songs but his last one.  He was energetic though!

Next up Billy Currington.  I love him! 

Refilling our drinks in between performances!

Bethany's Aunt was seated down low and sent us a text that she had two seats for us!  Heck to the yes!

Tim McGraw was awesome!!  He put on an amazing show and we had such a blast!  So so so much fun!

My little sister picked us up after the concert.  Because we don't drink and drive.  Duh. 

Thanks for the ticket and the night out Bethany!

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