Friday, April 10, 2015

Rainy Beach Day

The weather looked a little rough but that didn't stop us from heading to the beach to explore. We just wore our rain clothes to do so.

We headed down to a different beach to explore.  We've been there in the past and I remembered climbing up on the rocks and all the tide pools!

Raincoats, rain boots, and shovels...the kids were ready!

My Mom and Olivia!

Preston and Madison were particularly excited to get to the water!  Racing all the way down!

Jen and Madison!

The kids wasted no time playing!

Of course just a few minutes after we got to the beach, the rain started.  Boo!  We all hunkered down and hid in the rocks trying to stay dry.

I might have forced my family to step out into the rain and smile!  You know just in case the rain kept up and we didn't stay.  They love me enough that they all smiled, even in the rain!

Seeing that we braved the rain so did Marrissa and Gavin.

Lucky for us, the rain never hit a downpour and it didn't last long!  So we stayed to play!

I left Liv with my parents and me and Preston headed off to explore the rocks!

We did a little climbing.  Enjoyed the view.  Looked around.  Took some photos.  It was just gorgeous.  Just me and Preston!

Then headed back down to everyone else.

 Brad had pulled his kite out and was giving it a go.  Marrissa was flying hers too.  Not quite as impressive as his.  But it was Olaf!  And that caught Olivia's attention.  OLAF!

Liv had to take a turn flying Olaf!

Me and my best girl!

Then back to the rocks all of us went!  While Olivia and I climbed up the easy way with my parents, Riss, and Gavin.  Brad, Preston, Jen, and Madison climbed up the hard way and all the way to the tip top.  Crazies!

The rocks and the water were just so beautiful that we had to take photos.  And lots of them!

And back down again.

Preston and Madison liked the little creeks and water to splash and play in!

Preston really wanted to cross the little creek but we passed a guy who had done so and he warned us that not only did it get deep in the middle but that it also had a pretty strong current.  So we opted out. 

Instead we raced along the beach!  And into the water.  Took photos.  Just enjoyed being on the beach and having fun with family!

It was finally time to head back.  Everyone was wet and sandy.  And hungry!

Liv had an epic meltdown in the car when I ran to the bathroom and Brad tried to help by switching her into clean and dry clothes.  She fuh-reaked out.  Then didn't want to get in her car seat.  Girlfriend likes the beach and the sand.

We headed to a burger joint that Brad had wanted to try.  And waited!  It was crazy busy.  And small. 

But the food was good and the staff even better!  While we were waiting the owner brought our free fries for the kids and everyone to snack on!  Definitely helped make the wait easier.

Added perk, it was good!  And we were hungry!

Plus our day wasn't done.  Next up a hike to a waterfall. 

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