Friday, April 10, 2015

Oregon Coast - To The Aquarium

With Brad in town, we made a trip to the aquarium! Olivia had never been and the few times that Preston has gone he's loved it!

We of course started with photos.

Then the penny machines.

Headed in to see some of the exhibits.  The jellyfish were a favorite.

We realized pretty quick that they were about to feed the sharks so we raced back out to head that way!  Who doesn't want to see the sharks being fed!

The sharks were awesome.  The feeding part not as cool.  But it did get the sharks moving around and that made them even more fun to watch!  The kids loved it.  Brad and Preston even watched some of it in a different area that doesn't always get opened up!  When we came down to check it out with them we learned this was a viewing area way back when instead of sharks they kept Willy from Free Willy in the tank!  Fun little lesson.  The whale was apparently very social and when it noticed kids that were upset it would come right up to the glass!

Also how hard is it to get a photo with both kids smiling at the same time?  I mean come on.

We wandered back to where we'd started so that we could check things out again this time without rushing through to see the sharks!

My Dad threatened to toss Preston overboard.

There was a lot to see and the kids were loving all of it!

Tide pools!  All the kids loved them!  Even Olivia!

More jellyfish!

Giant crabs!

Little sea creature. Preston liked this one!

Madison wanted to take a picture with Grandpa!

Checking out the birds.

We made it just in time to see the seal/sea lion show!  And had a practically front row seat.

The octopus!  All tucked into the inside corner.

Preston and Madison.  And smiles! 

We stopped to try to watch the sea otter show.  But it was hard to see.  And getting chilly. And we still had thing to see so we didn't last long.  But how cute do my Dad and Preston look watching together!

The water spout was a favorite!  I think Preston might have sat there the entire time had we let him.  This boy and the water.

The seals!  Let's just pretend there wasn't a near down drag out fight between these two over who was standing where and that we didn't have to just take completely separate photos to get good ones.  And to keep them from hurting each other.

Back to the sharks!  There was more to see!

Starting with photos!

The kids got sidetracked by the tornado machine and talked Grandpa into taking them in.  Even Olivia wanted to go.

Preston and Madison made it all the way through.  Olivia didn't last long.  We had to open it up so I could pull her out.  Sister can't hang in a tornado.

Deep sea divers!

Shark attack!

The kids insisted on a stop at the gift shop.  For prizes!  And to empty our wallets.  Because why not.

While me and my Mom looked over the photos we took when we walked in, the kids had a blast playing in the ship faces.  Aren't they cute?

Olivia brought her fishy to the photos with her.  And while she's a fishy she's holding her little fishy up and looking at it.  Totally hilarious!

The totally awesome guy working gave my Mom a discount and then since they'd already printed the photos when we only bought the one of all of us he went ahead and tossed in the wallets from the other two photos.  For free.  He was super sweet and so funny about it!

I wish we lived closer to an aquarium!

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