Thursday, August 20, 2015

Night Away With Our Friends

Did someone say road trip? We did!

First ever friends overnight road trip of fun!  The kids were so excited!  Heck even Kelly and I were so excited!

We made it to the hotel.  Not that it was crazy far.  Just two hours.  But we all survived.  Even got an upgrade to a suite when we checked in.  Say what!  Score!

Hotel fun!

We weren't planning on just staying in the hotel.  Just long enough to drop our stuff and change.

Because water park!

That's where we were headed!

We started in the lazy river.  Before the not so long lines for the flowrider caught the boys attention and they just had to ride it!

Preston loved it!  He hopped right on when it was his turn and did better than I expected!

Zack was up next!

While I took Liv to the bathroom with me, Kelly and the boys headed over to the big pool for some fun!

We caught up to them and found a little slide just for Olivia!

There was even a high dive!  The boys were crazy brave and hopped in line!

You'd think that once would have been enough for Preston.  But nope.  He did it again when I went too!

When it started to get a little chilly and we were all getting a little tired, we switched over to the playground.  Even better it was sand!

Liv rode the neighs. 

Preston climbed up inside the spiral thingy do.

There was sliding!

Someone got eaten by a hippo.

Preston climbed up high on the bars. 

Ryan was a little monkey gymnast!

So Preston wanted to do it too!

When it got warm again we got back to swimming and water sliding! 

We rode the lazy river again.

Preston and I got brave enough that we hopped in line for the flowrider.  On the standing up side.

Preston went first and walked in very confident.  Then opted out of using the rope.  He stood and went down a few seconds in.  It was a serious wipe out.  Up and over the back.  Poor kid!  I felt bad.  When they offered him one more shot it took him about point five seconds to say heck to the no.

On my turn I asked for the rope to hold on and get a feel for it.  I lasted a few seconds longer than Preston once I let up.  Then up and over for me too.  That shiz is hard!  It's all balance and remembering to lean and turn and not put too much weight here.

We moved over to the body surfing side next.  Me and Kelly even took turns!

These two were too little for the flowrider!  Not that they seemed to mind all that much.

Leading little sister back to the big pool for more fun!

It was so pretty!

We might have sort of forced the kids to all line up for a photo! 

This picture totally cracks me up.   The boys are so over it, like seriously another photo?!  But Liv is all cuteness and smiles.

Back into the water to play!

Me and Kelly surviving the crazy that is four kids at a water park!

Waterflide fun!  The kids had so much fun goingdown with me and Kelly!

This one might have been too little for the water slides but she was totally happy to just hang out in the pool swimming!

Preston did one last turn on the other water slide.  The first time he went down it he declared it was way too fast and never again.  Turns out never isn't quite as long as it used to be!  Ha!

The whole group of us!

Ryan took a turn on the bike so naturally Olivia had to take a turn on the bike.

We picked up dinner for the kids and Mexican food for the grown ups.  Along the way I realized that Olivia had gotten into the cookies I made and packed.  Sneaky girl! 

It's terrible that they were so worn out after spending the day at the water park.  Or not.

OMG.  The energy.  They were all wired and ready to play.  I felt bad for all of our neighbors!  I also remembered why I am not a fan of hotels.  Stresses me out that they are being too loud.  And that they just want to play and we're on vacation so they should be able to play.  And be kids.  Definitely more a fan of renting our own place instead of being boxed in.  Next time that's the plan!

Finally winding down.

Eventually the kids all fell asleep.  Then a few hours later we did too!

Bright and early the next morning Olivia woke up first.  I kept telling her to be quiet because everyone else was sleeping.  Only to have her respond be quiet Mommy.  Shhhh.  They sleeping.  Didn't take long for her to wake everyone right up.

Breakfast. Cartoons.  Hanging out in the hotel room.

Eventually we made our way up and out.  Grabbed lunch and headed to the second half of our trip.  Water park number two!

These four are ready to swim!

Being a much smaller water park the rules were different and everyone could play on the water slide and the diving board.

The kids started with the water slide.

Olivia even took a couple of turns.  And loved it!

Showing me her muscles.  Big strong girl.

Ryan got in on the muscles action!

Nice part about a smaller pool?  Being able to sit and let the little swim and play and see them the entire time!

Diving board action!

Olivia played with the idea of jumping from the diving board but ended up deciding on just jumping to me from the edge. 

Doubles down the slide!  Preston and Ryan.  Don't you know it's always more fun to be nice to someone else's little brother or sister than your own.

The slide was a hit!

One last dip in the water before it's time to go.

My favorite two littles!


The best four kids!

As if two days at the water park weren't enough, before getting into the car and heading back.

Time to head home!  With all these crazies!

Now we just have to figure out where to go next year.  Because this totally has to become a tradition! 

PS Thanks Mom for letting us borrow your car! 

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