Sunday, September 20, 2015


The fair is in town! So of course we had to go!

Right when we walked in there was Master Chief!  Couldn't walk away without getting a picture of him and Preston!

Next we headed over to the animal barns.  I got it in my head that we should do this.  Not sure why.  Because you know what?  We really just aren't animal barn people.  Well me and the kids aren't.  Brad is.  While I walked around complaining about the smell.  Olivia refused to touch anything.  And Preston kept asking when we could leave because rides.  Meanwhile Brad was all this smell reminds me of home.  Us city people vs my farm guy.

Preston's favorite part.  The reptile guy trailer.  I sent Brad and Preston in and Liv cried so Brad came back and grabbed her.  They even had Preston's favorite snake, the Black Mamba.  I'm told Liv didn't love it as much as Preston.  Ha!  But a the end Preston got to hold some of the little creatures.  He definitely loved that.

Avayah liked the camels.  She was totally into them.  I tried to get Liv to pet one but she was not having it.

Our last stop in the animal barn was the horses and then finally we were done!

We headed over to the kid section and Liv got to ride a horse.  I swear she loved it.

We got ourselves some ride bracelets.  Just me and the kids.  Brad's car accident and the jerk who ran a red light to hit him meant that he wasn't riding tonight. Just spectating.  While Liv and I hopped in line for the teacups, Preston and Brad headed over to the obstacle courses.

Next up baby girl drove her pink car!

The fair was a little drunk.  Or at least their height measuring sticks were.  They were all different.  Olivia could ride the teacup and the little cars.  Heck later she even rode the caterpillar roller coaster.  But she wasn't allowed on the bouncy cars.  And even worse after waited half an hour almost in line she wasn't allowed on the spinning bears.  Come on people.  Get your sticks figured out. I mean if she can ride all of these rides at Disneyland I'm not sure why she can't ride all of the kiddie rides at the fair.  Plus I measured her at home and she was definitely tall enough.  I decided it really just came down to the ride operator.  And some of them were on a serious power trip.  That's right fair I'm over you.  Next year we'll spend the same amount of money and just go to Silverwood.  Mmmkay.

We did head over to eat. There don't seem to be any height restrictions over there.

After dinner Brad and I took Olivia and Avayah to ride some kid rides and Shannon and Nevan took Preston to ride the adult rides.

The caterpillar roller coaster!  My girl was so brave!

Then the longest carousel ride ever.  And I do mean ever.  This thing just kept going and going and going.  Olivia insisted that she wanted to ride the giraffe.  I kept telling her that it didn't go up and down and she didn't care.  Until about two seconds before the ride started.  And she switched over to the bunny rabbit.

After the carousel we headed back over to the kids section.  Tried to ride the spinning bears.  But well I already mentioned how that went down.  So we hopped back on the teacups for a few more spins.

After getting of the teacups for the last time Olivia wanted in her stroller.  She asked for her blankie.  And by the time we hit the food area heading over to the adult rides she was out cold.  The fair is exhausting when you're two!

We met back up with Preston, Shannon, and Nevan.  Preston had been all pumped up to ride the zipper.  They call it something else at the fair but yeah I don't remember what that was.  They hopped in line and Shannon said once they hopped on Preston kept going, "oh no.  I feel sick.  I don't like this.  This is scary." And they were stuck inside for the whole ride. She also told me that she didn't realize that your individual car spun too.  Oh yes Shannon.  That's why I refused to ride.  Of course as soon as Preston hopped off it was the best ride ever and he wanted to do it again.

Next Preston conned them into the fair games.  I refuse the fair games because we bought the wristband.  Sorry kid.  But Aunt Shannon is way more fun than me.  The zipper and fair games.

We all hopped in line for the tall roller coaster.  Way up above the fair.

Then me and Preston did the house of mirrors.  And took some photos in the mirrors.

Preston rode the gravitron for the first time.  With Shannon and Nevan.  I refuse that one.  Spinning makes me sick since having the kids.  He loved it.  Of course.  I remember loving it to when I was his age.

Me and Preston hopped in line for the panic plunge.  We watched it go up and I pointed out how it really doesn't go up that high.  Preston was totally ready to do it. And then we hopped on.  You guys.  It does goes up that high.  At least it does when you're on it.  At one point Preston looked at me and I could see the fear in his eyes and I was being brave for both of us.  I told him to remember it doesn't go up that high we saw it from the bottom.  This is fun.  But really in my head I was like oh my God get me of this ride, who's idea was this.  Why did I take my kid on this.  And then the whole thing dropped. 

Spoiler alert, we survived.  And hopped in line for one last ride.  The cars that go in circles and rock and then go backwards.  Brad waited with the sleeping girls and Preston, Shannon, Nevan, and I hopped on.

Family photos before we all headed out.

Liv was sleeping so we just spun her around and hopped in.

We all had fun at the fair!  And left exhausted!

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