Friday, September 11, 2015

Eight Year Check Up

Preston had his big eight year check up yesterday after school.  Crazy talk.  Because he was just two.  Now eight. 

The stats.

Preston is seventy-one point eight pounds.  Putting his smack dab in the eight-ninth percentile.  And fifty-four point three inches tall.  Big tall boy is in the ninety-fourth percentile for height.  I can't even.  He's going to pass me up for height and weight soon.  He's up eleven pounds and three inches just this year. 

He had a lot of fun with the blood pressure because the nurse let him squeeze the pump.  An eye check.  He passed.  With his left eye being just a little stronger than his right.

His check up just happened to fall a full week after his latest sinus infection so we chatted about that and how things are going.  The gist being that Preston keeps getting sinus infections and we treat them and then a few months later they're back.  So after looking over the x-rays our pediatrician started him on a months worth of antibiotics thinking that maybe we were just clearing up the symptoms in the past and not the whole infection.  So far so good!

Let's hope other than the flu shot we don't have to go back until he turns nine! 

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