Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014


After a late late night for some of us. Ahem me and Brad. We were all up bright and early.

Well kind of.  Is almost 9am bright and early?  No.  Oops, we were tired.

It took Olivia all of two seconds to find herself a present!  From brother even! 

Before anyone got anymore presents, I made the kids sit and smile!  Because Christmas jammies!


First from Santa.

Santa brought Preston a Pikachu!  Even though he asked for it on Christmas Eve.  That Santa he is MAGICAL!

And then back to presents!

Frozen crazed Olivia was super excited about her new backpack!

And more!

Quadcopter!  He was a little excited!

Neigh slippers!!

And so much more!

Preston of course was the first one done!  The name of his game was plow through and get it done.  All of it!  Olivia on the other hand took her time and played with each and every toy after she opened them.  It took her a lot longer to get through her share.

Olivia's last gift!  Her new kitchen.

She was pretty excited!  Her very own kitchen.  But since it's no fun to play alone she walked over and grabbed Preston to come play with her!

The kids were more than a little spoiled on Christmas!  I swear I even toned it down.  My Mom.  Christmas is her jam.  For real.  She starts talking about it and preparing for it in September. 

Then Brad and I finished up our presents!

We did a little bit of a clean up.  Got showered and dressed and headed to my parents house!  Swapped some presents over there!

The kids played there were so many new toys. The boys all even took Mason's new bow out to the backyard to check it out.  Weird being able to go play outside on Christmas with no snow!

 How did this even happen.  A kids table.  With all of the little kids.  Two of them mine!  I don't even know how they got big enough for their own table!

Liv and Auntie Rissa!  She was only on her millionth outfit of the day.  Liv not Riss.  Although that could be true as well.

Some Christmas photos!  How could we not take a family photo on Christmas.

My very favorite one.  This is how everyone felt about taking photos.  We took them anyways but oh m gee.  We were tired!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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