Monday, September 22, 2014

Seattle Visit

Madison's birthday coming up means us heading to Seattle!!

Everyone was very excited!  All the way up until we stopped for dinner.  Thinking it'd be very quick.  That's kind of the point of fast food right.  We waited forty-five minutes!  Forty-five minutes!  And they messed our order up so we had to wait even longer for what we'd actually ordered, because of course they messed up Preston's and that was definitely not going to work.

Luckily Preston didn't mind at all!  Not one single bit.  We'd stopped at a fast food place connected to a truck stop.  With a little arcade.  He was in heaven.  Since we thought we were just stopping quick we weren't going to let him play any games but then this little boy who was in there and him got to playing and the Dad paid for one of their games so we paid for the next one.  It was a win win.  Preston had a friend and was entertained!

We arrived late.

But ready for fun in the morning.  We were going to the zoo!

How cute is this photo of Preston and Madison!

My little guide.  He was figuring out where we needed to go.

We love love love the zoo!  No matter how many times we go we are still excited to be there!  Plus Olivia is big enough that she was pretty excited too!

The lions and cubs were a favorite!  Especially with Olivia.

There was ice cream.  If the messy faces say anything than it was good!

A little tree climbing. 

Back to the reptiles for the main event!  When we'd been in there earlier all of Preston's interest had drawn the attention of the snake zookeeper, Nick.  Who came and told us that they would be feeding the anaconda and to come back.  Uh duh.  Of course we did!  Preston was so excited!

So excited that he started telling everyone else to stop!  It was a full house.  I'm so glad we knew to come and got there early.  It was crowded and Preston and Madison had front row seats!

It was awesome!  And we were told it wasn't even as cool as it typically was.  They feed the snake an already dead and thawed mouse and watch it go to town.  Squeezing and squeezing while it gets ready to eat.  Then zookeeper Nick comes out to talk everyone through it and answer questions.

Preston and him had quite the convo.  They sat for a few minutes talking about what kinds of snakes are their favorites and why.  Nick seemed impressed when instead of saying just the standard type of snake was his favorite that Preston told him his favorite is the Black Mamba.  And then told him that it's because it's the most poisonous snake.  And knew that it's name doesn't come from it's color but rather from the color inside it's mouth.  And that it lives in Africa.  That's my boy!

Preston's interest in snakes even added a little something special to our trip to the zoo.  Heck who am I kidding it added a big something special to our trip to the zoo, but more on that in another post!

While Preston was over the moon excited to watch and learn all about the snakes, poor Olivia just couldn't hang and fell asleep right on my shoulder.

Livs and Aunt Jen.

We did some bird feeding.  Always a favorite!  And Olivia's first time!

My little family!

We all headed back to the house tired!  A day at the zoo will do that to you!

My poor baby did some falling.  Her poor face!

We started the next morning with a walk.  For the most expensive donuts of my life!

Preston and Olivia seemed to think they were worth it!

Donuts to start our day at the beach!  It was absolutely beautiful out so we had to take advantage!  We headed to Golden Gardens to play in the sand and water!

We made a little friend.  This guy was walking right up to take the crackers.  I think he would have even taken them from our hands if I hadn't forbidden the kids from doing so.

Eventually we shoo'd our new friend away and got back to the beach!

There was a little run off of water down the beach and Jen and I walked down with the kids to check it out.

I think it was their favorite part of the entire beach.

Olivia took a minute to warm up to how much fun digging in the sand is.  And then she was all over it!

Preston already knows whats up, he was all over the sand and water and playing in it.  And redirecting where it goes.  Building new paths for the water and changing old ones.

Little Miss making a mess and having a good time!

It didn't take long before Preston had made friends.  And was asking to borrow shovels and trying to direct everyone to where he needed them to be, including a Dad.  He's a leader this boy of mine.

Madison doing some digging!

Some last chance digging before we head back to Brad and all of our stuff.  And by heading back, I do actually mean I drag them back.  No one wanted to leave but I had to pee!  And it was getting late!

We couldn't leave before stopping at the playground.  Especially when it was this awesome!

We realized after loading the car that there was another side of the beach to see so we headed over that way.

First a photo!

Preston and Madison found a little pond to check out.  And see some turtles.

The other side of the beach was so much quieter!  Less people.  I'm sure they all loved us popping in with these three crazies!

I bribed them with a lot of fruit snacks to get these photos!

Liv bailed.  But I got Preston and Madison to smile!

Taking a walk down the beach with her Daddy.

Jen and Madison!

Can't keep Preston away from the water!

My little family!

Day at the beach means early baths for everyone.  Oh the sand!

Olivia was loving Madison's kitchen! She was cooking for all of us.

It was our last night in Seattle so we all walked to get some cupcakes for Madison to celebrate her birthday!  Jammies and all!

Happy Birthday Madison!!  We super puffy heart you!

Getting some laughs in with Aunt Jen before bedtime!

Jen and I made a late night run to Target.  For many a thing.  But also because Brad forgot to pack himself some jammies.  We were hoping he would be willing to wear one of these.  No go.

The next morning while Brad, Jen, and I loaded everything up, Olivia busied herself with Madison's dress up clothes!  Melt my heart seeing my baby girl getting all girly!

Madison being the best big girl cousin even sent Olivia home with a pair of princess heels that didn't fit her anymore.

The car was loaded and we had a little bit of time.  To play outside and get the last of the wiggles out!

Then hugs and kisses and we were on our way home.

We made a pit stop at the Kelley's to let the kids out to run around and play and so that I could see Nicole!

And again for coffee.  Because holy exhaustion.  While Brad was inside the kids hopped out to stretch their legs.

Heaven help me when these two are big enough to actually be driving around like this.

A weekend away to see my favorite sister in law and best four year old niece is just what we needed!

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