Thursday, April 9, 2015

Oregon Coast - Zoo Day

We took a break from the beach to head into Portland!  Brad was flying in that night to spend a few days at the coast with us and we decided to make a day of it by going to the zoo and grabbing dinner before picking him up.

But first a stop at the outlets.  I had ordered Olivia a windbreaker to match this entire outfit that I'd bought her at Osh Kosh and needed a different size.  Hallelujah they had it! 

Stop for lunch and we were on our way!

We made it to the zoo!  And everyone was so excited to see all of the animals! 

A favorite were the lions!  They had cubs with them.  All just laying up on the rock enjoying the sunshine. 

Olivia and Grandpa spent some time checking out the caracal.

Then we found the cheetahs!  They were lazy the last time we were at the zoo.  And sleeping again this time.  Tired kitties!

The kids did some driving of the zoo jeep.

And we started looking around again.  So many more animals to see!

The bats were another favorite.  I know, nasty!  But they were moving around so much!  And there were so many of them.  We stood and watched for a long time again like last time.  Plus when they pee they flip right side up!

A few more exhibits to see!

Grandma bought them all a ride on the carousel! 

Before we left the zoo, I made everyone stop for some photos.  The kids were so cooperative.  Ha!

My parents with the kids.

Me and my littles.

Jen and Madison.

Marrissa and Gavin.

After realizing that the sun was totally in everyone's eyes we switched over to a different spot for a few more photos.  Pay close attention to Preston and Madison in these.

Preston was very insistent that it just be him, Liv, and me.  Notice him hip checking Madison.  Feeling the love.

Me, Jen, and the kids  With not a hip check in site.

Me and my littles!

We were all starving!  Made our way to dinner at Red Robin!

My Dad got lucky and Preston and Madison sat down by him for dinner.  I'm sure he was a little less excited about this than Jen and I were!

We had a little bit of time to kill before Brad landed so we hit up the Target by the airport.  Because who doesn't love Target.  The kids were little hellions.  I almost felt bad for all of the other people trying to shop while ours were racing all over the place. 

We might have still been at Target when Brad sent me a text that he had landed and where were we. Oops!

Then we missed our turn and had to do a big loop to get back to the airport.  Poor Brad!  Just standing there waiting for us to pull up.

We stopped to put kids in their jammies.  Rearrange the car.  Try to figure out how to make the DVDs all work.  They didn't.  Finally we were ready to make the two hour drive back.

Preston and Madison couldn't hang. 

Olivia couldn't either.  She screamed her little head off until I pulled over and hopped in the back and let Brad drive the rest of the way home.

But we made it!

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