Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lazy Vacation Day

After all the chaos of last night we were ready to start vacation!

While everyone else was sleeping, I headed out for donuts and Starbucks with my Dad, Jessie, and Mason.

Finding the donut shop my Dad used to eat at as a kid was just an added perk!

We headed back to the house to feed everyone.  Sit by the pool for a little bit.

And then back out with my Mom, Jessie, and Riss to make a stop at Lush for Jessie and Target to pick up food and essentials for the week!  While Brad and my Dad kept the kids and enjoyed the sunshine and pool in the backyard of the house!

Finally everything was done and I got to come back and enjoy the house and pool with my people! 

Before heading back out after dinner with my parents to pick up our tickets into Disneyland!  Eeek!

Tomorrow California Adventure!

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